Poetry On Letting Them Talk


This piece is dedicated to those who feel negativity of others getting in the way of their dreams or goals. There is never one way to get to anything, no matter what someone else tells you. I truly hope this week's poem helps you overcome and believe in yourself and those that genuinely support you. You got this. You always have.

Sometimes you have to let your actions

Take you where they think you couldn't go

It wasn't enough to talk about it

There was the need to find yourself

Accept yourself

Live yourself

Sometimes you have to let go

Take what you learned from them

Make it motivation for where you want to be

Sometimes we have to allow ourselves time

To hear the doubt of others

Let them talk

Let them believe they've got it all right

For these are the people that will search

High and Low

Far and Wide

When you are at the best place

When you feel the happiest

They'll find worth

Value that you always knew was there

As strange as this sounds,

It helps to truly maintain

Focus and prosperity

Sometimes you have to let your actions

Win the victories for you

No need to dig up past woes

No desire to uncover past disputes

No want to see others waiver

The only thing seen in it all

Is your dreams

They matter

They are crucial

So let them talk

Let them think they've figured it out

Let them feel they know who you are

While you achieve all you've ever wanted

Give gentle odes to those who were there

When you sat on all but nothing

But hope



For they are the people who will stand the test of time

No matter if you are spiritually wealthy

Or broke

These are the people who

Always knew and believed in you

You've got this

There is nothing more true

You've always had this

Sometimes we need reminders

Of what we're capable of

And how far we can go

Sometimes you have to let your actions

Truly speak all alone

Here's to more adventures of yours!

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