A Few Lessons I Learned From My Summer Romance

There is always that one summer that changed you. That one person that crossed your path through unexpected circumstances. Your time together either turned into the best thing that had ever happened to you or one of your worst mistakes. Either scenario has left you one of your greatest lessons, nothing like a summer romance. Movies and books like The Notebook, Dear John, and even Disney ones fulfilled us with the wrong expectations. Perhaps he or she didn't write you 365 letters when you both returned back home.

The tans fade, but the memories last forever.

"A fleeting glimpse of eternity..." 

According to Nicholas Sparks' book, summer romances are a "fleeting glimpse of eternity". There's nothing like the everlasting summer nights. The mint-mocha Frappuccino talks, you guys' sacred place in the mountains or a hill where you would watch the sunset and the city lights. Every second spent next to that one person felt everlasting, but like all things, it had to come to an end. The taste of freedom when school's out, no responsibilities and no stress. A summer romance taught us to live a fleeting glimpse of eternity and although hearts were later shattered into a million pieces; we lived that summer like it would never end.

Perhaps your first kiss, perhaps your first time...

That first love just never goes away. You felt comfortable, the type of comfortable you had never felt before. From not wearing any makeup to the point where you didn't have to hide who you really are. You showed that person a glimpse of your soul and that person loved you and accepted you for it. A first kiss, or perhaps your first time with someone it was, of course, a special moment that you'll cherish forever. It wasn't the perfect kiss and the sex was probably not like they had described it would be, but it was all the beginning of something. The intimacy you shared with that special someone taught you what an emotional connection is, and you know there's no sex that compares to love.

The memories 

The car rides with the music up and windows down. All the summertime memories that you can't ever forget, those memories have taught you how to live without that person. The worse part wasn't losing that person, it was eventually about how you lost yourself. The kaleidoscope of memories, they're unforgettable but you learn to live with coping with the loss of the pieces they took when they left. You learn to live with the memories.

You will love again

It was perhaps love that met under the wrong circumstances and that's why it didn't last forever. Although it ended and you cried your heart out, perhaps didn't eat or sleep for a whole week. After you completely healed then, came another love. Nothing could compare to that summer romance, but it taught you growth as a person. Perhaps someone glued your broken heart back to its place, or perhaps it was yourself. Whether it was loving another human being or self-love, you learn to love again.

You learn to let go...

After a summer romance and after all the lessons mentioned above the very last one is you learn to let go. Everything does happen for a reason, and I truly believe in destiny. Not the fairytale type of destiny, but the destiny where everything and everyone crosses your path to either stay or teach you a lesson. That is literally life, we are brought to this Earth without an instructions manual and we learn to live from experiences and moments just like we do with everything else. We cannot change the past and sometimes we can't even force the future. We live and we fall and get physically and mentally hurt, but we learn to get up and to move on. Every glimpse of eternity eventually disappears and we are left alone once again in this cold world, but we let go and move on.

"...And in a flash, they are gone" but the summer romance lessons last forever.

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