9 April Fool's Day Pranks for Your Boyfriend
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9 April Fools' Day Pranks for Your Boyfriend

Who better to prank than the one you love?

9 April Fools' Day Pranks for Your Boyfriend
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April Fools' Day is right around the corner!

If you're anything like me, I plan for this jovial holiday pretty far in advance. Each year I focus on a different victim, and this year it's my boyfriend (sorry about last year, mom). Whether it's one big prank or several mediocre ones, I don't mess around. The key to a great prank is making sure that it's something so routine that they won't think twice about it. Remember, you don't want them to be so mean that they question staying with you. These are some of my favorite pranks for a partner.

1. Just Married

Make sure that he's backed his car into a spot, garage, or wherever he's parked. If not, say you need to borrow his car and then do it for him. The rest is a piece of cake. Make the sign as creative as you'd like. It has to say "HONK" for a congrats, for love, or something along those lines. For extra points, add some tin cans attached to string.

2. "Sorry for the damage"

While he's in class or at work, put a note underneath his windshield wiper saying, "sorry for the damage." Now this joke has two levels, if you dare to do both. Level one: Watch him look aimlessly for the damage and laugh at his expense. Level two: Add a number to a local sex shop, escort service, or something along those lines. When he calls to find out who did the "damage", he'll be in for quite a surprise.

3. Something Fishy

If your boyfriend's room smells a little (who am I kidding, of course it does), leave a can of this wonderful air freshener out for him. You can purchase a can of fish-scented spray here, and then just switch the labels. For only $6.99 you can't beat the look on his face when he sprays copious amounts of it after a trip to the bathroom. In scents such as shrimp, garlic oil, crawfish, and salty shad, this bottle of bait spray will be well worth it.

4. Chewbacca Contest

Place this sign around town in the morning at places that are sure to gather some contestants. For example, a bar, behind a bathroom stall door, or even under people's windshield wipers. Soon enough the picture of the Chewbacca contest will hit Twitter and Snapchat. He'll be going crazy by the end of the day trying to figure out why he's getting loud moans and groans in his mailbox.

5. Fake Pregnancy Test

For the risky ones only! If you're willing to test how far he can go without freaking out, be daring and try this one. You can get a fake pregnancy test online, just like this one from Spencer's for $4.99.

6. Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

My boyfriend's favorite meal is chicken parm. After a long day, tell your partner you'll take care of dinner and they can just relax. Cut up some cardboard into chicken cutlet sized pieces, and then prepare them the same way you would with a regular chicken cutlet. Fry it up and serve it hot. My boyfriend eats anything, so I really hope he realizes it's not chicken after the first bite.

7. A Creamy Treat

Another one of my boyfriend's favorites: Boston Cream donuts. You can do this with any type of donut, really. For the pros, purchase a baby syringe used for medicine and fill it up with mayo. For those of you that are either cheap or lazy (like myself), grab a big Ziploc bag and fill it up with mayo. Then cut a tiny triangle off of one of the bottom corners of the bag. Just poke a little hole in the side of the donut with a knife, and begin to fill it up with creamy deliciousness. The look on their face after a big bite of a rich and creamy filled donut will surely be spoiled in no time.

8. Bugs in the lampshade

Whether your boyfriend wants to admit it or not, I'm sure he's not the biggest fan of roaches, spiders, and other bugs. This prank is really easy and you only need paper and scissors. (For the pros, you can use adhesive paper from the craft store.) Cut out the shape of the bug you'd like, or google a picture to trace. Tape it on the inside of the lampshade, and bend the legs a little to make it look more realistic.

9. Car for Sale

Pick up some of the washable paint for windows, and get to his car when he's not around. Write "For Sale" on the back window with a ridiculously low price like $4,000. Add the number to a sex shop, or an escort service as the contact. He won't get the calls, but he'll have to worry about washing it off ASAP.

Whether you choose to try one of these pranks, or all nine, remind your partner how much you love them throughout the day. Then they can't get mad at you! Happy pranking!

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