Our competitive nature is what drives us to accomplish amazing things in life. Competition between one another motivates us to push ourselves to be the very best we can be. Athletes in particular, seem to proudly display this attitude. Young athletes are inspired and motivated to surpass the accomplishments of their superiors, idols, and peers. This competitive nature leads to people reaching new heights and becoming the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). Michael Jordan is considered by most basketball analysts as the number one player of all time. However, the thirty- one year old superstar, LeBron James, also known as the "King," is and should be considered the greatest player of all time.


LeBron James came into the league with everyone watching him. He was the number one draft pick as a high school senior and was playing with men, while he was barely crossing the threshold into adulthood. He played an outstanding season and won Rookie of the Year. Very quickly he was the talk of the town and he outshined everyone in the NBA. In a short amount of time he led the Cleveland Cavaliers to an NBA Final, and although he led the team with an MVP performance, they came short of a title. At this point in his career he had already outdone the great Michael Jordan. During LeBron’s career he was able to lead the worst teams to greatness, while Michael Jordan won all six of his championships with an outstanding cast of players, including a top 50 all-time player, Scottie Pippen.


When you get the title of being the greatest player of all time, you also prove your worthiness against the toughest teams and players. The most recent and possibly memorable moment in sports history was when LeBron James led his Cleveland followers to their first major win title in over fifty years. Not only that, but he was also able to beat the “greatest” team in history, a Golden State Warriors squad that surpassed the most wins in a single season and outdid Michael Jordan and his 97’ Bulls team with 72 wins. Michael Jordan never had to test his strength in that type of scenario, and LeBron James was able to finally rest easy knowing he is seriously in the discussion to be considered G.O.A.T.