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Leave Well Enough Alone

When You Can't Let It Go, Let It Be

Leave Well Enough Alone
Morgan Richard Olivier

There are some shortcomings I’m struggling to forgive myself for, some mountains I feel not yet brave enough to climb, and some pains I’m having a hard time healing. I know release is necessary and letting go only makes room for growth, but sometimes it’s not easy. In times like that, I channel my grandfather and recite his wise words “Leave well enough alone.” For me, that translates to if you can’t let it go, just let it be.

If you can’t let situations go, let them be

I often envy people that easily let things go or slide off their backs like nothing. Whether it’s a wrong done to them, a wrong they’ve committed, or trauma they experienced they just let it go and don’t skip a beat. Either they just don’t care or can move on in a timely manner. On the other hand, I care too much which just makes matters worse. Letting go, in some instances, has proven to be terrifying, uncomfortable and excruciating. It’s literally the ultimate test of faith. In the act of letting go I have to lose all control, pray for the best, and hope it all works according to the great plan. It seems bigger than myself because it is. I have to accept that the past can’t be rewritten and I have to take the lessons so I can grow. I also have to accept that whatever I’m going through at this very moment in time will not last forever. It’s a season, it’s temporary, and it has a purpose. Even if it doesn't make sense now, it will come together in the future because all things work together.

Some people just aren’t for you, let them be

I can’t change or control anyone but myself. I can’t make a person that hates me suddenly like or respect me. I can’t make a person change their personality or outlook on life. I can’t always control what is said, done, or thought about me and deep down inside I know I shouldn’t try to. It’s not my place and that’s not where my energy should be focused. Some people simply should not be in my presence and I should not be in theirs. It’s not an arrogant outlook of someone being above or below me. It's just a realization that some people are just not conducive to my growth, lifestyle, or wellbeing. Sometimes it’s just that simple. Instead of trying to force that piece into my puzzle, I honestly should just let them be.

When reality sinks in, don't fight it, let it be

Silence, selective socializing, and a break from social media opened my eyes to so much that not only gave me a rude awakening of reality, but also exposed the things I needed to address in myself. In hypotheticals or conversation, I thought I knew a lot but in actuality I really didn't understand. That's when I wished I had spent more time listening and less time judging or thinking I had the answers. But it is what it is. Sometimes it’s best to just sit down, shut up, and let it all sink in. Contrary to what I foolishly believed, not all people, situations, and issues need, deserve, or will improve with my input. In silence and reflection, is where the message lies. I just have to be ready to hear and receive it.

Let it be a lesson

I need to work on my mountains from the inside out. Everything is a test and God will keep giving the same test until I pass it. Even if I failed miserably before, even if it's uncomfortable to deal with, I can still be better and grow. I need to listen to my soul and not my ego, and lean on His understanding not my own. He’s testing my humility versus pride, my inner strength versus need of outside validation, and teaching me the importance of remaining calm. There’s purpose in all pain and maybe, just maybe, not all storms are meant to destroy. Maybe they are just clearing the right path and giving maturity, insight and faith along the way. It’s time to let it be and be better.

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