10 Reasons I Knew I Found The One
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10 Reasons I Knew I Found The One

When you know, you know.

10 Reasons I Knew I Found The One

For most of my young life, I was pretty much boy crazy. I was obsessed with relationships, dating, romance, and marriage for as long as I could remember. Every time I would get a crush on a guy or reached the flirting stage I was hooked.

I spent hours looking up wiki how articles on how to find your soulmate, how to get a guy to like you, and how you know if you've found "the one." I was always afraid that I'd meet the man of my dreams and not know that he is the man of my dreams. On the other side of the coin, I'd meet someone who I fell for right away and was sure that he was my soulmate.

I'd get so frustrated when I'd see articles that said: "when you know, you know." I always saw this as some stupid answer that was really just avoiding my question. Now that I'm a little more experienced and have found my soulmate, I've realized "when you know, you know" isn't just some dumb cliche. Here are 10 reasons why I know that I've found the one for me

He Cares About My Mental Health 

I don't have the best mental health history, and my boyfriend knows that. Instead of calling me "crazy" or getting upset with me being anxious, my boyfriend always is gentle and kind to me.

He always knows what to say and tries to keep me as stress-free as possible. My boyfriend knows that part of my mental health is that I need a lot of reassurance about our relationship due to past hurt and trauma.

My boyfriend never judges me or acts like him caring for my mental health is a waste of his time. He helps me and always can calm me down better than anyone else can.

We Respect Each Other's Differences 

Even though my boyfriend and I are soulmates, it doesn't mean we agree on everything. Even though we have our disputes and arguments on certain things, it never affects the way we see each other.

We Have The Same Goals and Ambition

A big part of a relationship is wanting the same thing as your partner. For example, if you're dead set on having children in the future and your partner can't stand kids, things probably won't work out the best.

My boyfriend and I share the same ambitions and have the same goals in life.

The Butterflies Never Go Away

It doesn't matter how long you've been with your partner if they're your soulmate the butterflies never really go away. Every time I look at Clayton I feel warm inside and think about how much love I have for him.

I still get excited to see him and talk to him every day.

He Supports Me 

I've never once felt that Clayton didn't support me. I know that he will stand behind me in whatever I want to do and will be my biggest cheerleader. I always want the best for my partner and I know that he wants the best for me.

We Recognize Each Other's Flaws 

You know you met your soulmate when you can accept who they are as a person no matter the flaws. When you meet your soulmate you won't want to change everything about them and will love them for who they are.

If you are perfectly happy with who someone is, you have met your soulmate.

We Listen To Each other 

You'll know you found your soulmate when they listen to you with open ears and heart.

Clayton always listens to me without judgment and always knows the right thing to say or do. He makes me feel safe and loved.

We Balance Each Other Out 

Clayton is an introvert, I'm an extrovert. I'm more of a "party girl" and really enjoy putting myself in high energy social environments. My boyfriend is pretty much the opposite. He'd rather stay in curled up with a good book by himself.

As different as this part of our personality may seem, we balance each other out and introduce each other to new experiences.

We've Had Our Fair Share Of Fights, But Have Grown From Them 

Like any couple, my boyfriend and I have had our fair share of fights and arguments. As much as we've fought in the past, we always grow stronger and closer together because of them.

We learn and grow from our arguments and always make up.

And The Big Cliche..... I Just Know 

Whenever I think about my future I just know that my boyfriend will be in it. I can't imagine a life without him. I just have a feeling in my gut that he is the one for me. I guess the old cliche is true, when you know, you really do know.

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