When moving in, the biggest thing on my mind was how my roommate was going to be and whether we would eventually become close friends. Looking back at this first semester, I couldn’t have been more blessed to become close friends with one of the kindest, goofiest, and most loving person I know, my freshman roommate. Here’s 13 Signs that You’ve Found Your Perfect Roommate.

1. She knows your bad habits and still loves you for them.

Thank you for not yelling at me for setting a thousand alarms in the morning before my 8 a.m. class.

2. She's always willing to share food.

Thank you for letting me eat your last popcorn bag!

3. She just knows when you’ve had a bad day and will come running over from wherever to give you a hug.

Even if its 11PM and she has to walk all the way from the library back home.

4. You always write each other random notes to remind each other how much we love them.

Comfort post-it notes are the absolute best thing to give and receive :)

5. She will completely “mom” you around when you know you should be writing a paper but instead find yourself napping and stress-eating like there’s no tomorrow.

When she snatches your phone away and doesn't give it back until you finish the paper.

6. She will blast music with you and scream the lyrics to every Christmas song there is on the weekends as a stress-reliever.


7. You both crossed the line of boundaries after day three of meeting them and there’s no turning back.


9. You can always count on being tagged in the weirdest and most relatable memes and Buzzfeed quizzes of the day and find yourself staying awake in bed comparing your answers to every question.

What type of potato are you?

10. You know they will always (lovingly) point out if you’re doing something stupid, and more than often join you in doing that stupid thing.

We're all in this together.

11. There’s never any judgment when you’re with them and they truly keep it real.

Thanks for not judging me when I constantly hum songs and end up getting them stuck in your head. "And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxxxiiiiiic."

13. And most of all, she always makes you happy and is the reason you now call your dorm room, “home.”

Love you endlessly roomie <3