Contrary to what people think, there's more to New York than just New York City and Long Island... There's actually a lot more. People will argue what is actually considered "upstate" and there's no clear consensus, however, here are some ways to know you really are from Upstate New York.

1. Everyone Assumes You're From NYC.

Explaining where you're from usually goes something like this...
"Where are you from?"
"New York"
"New York City? That's so cool!"

"No, not really. More like in the middle of no where by Canada."

2. There's A Snow Storm But No Snow Day.

Waking up every morning and checking the news only to find out your school is still open was always such a disappointment, but never a surprise.

3. You Love Stewart's Ice Cream.

Everyone knows how good the firework ice cream is, but you can't forget all of their others flavors and even their milkshakes.

4. You Get Stuck Behind A Tractor In Traffic.

Everyone understands the excuse "sorry I'm late I got stuck behind a tractor" because it happens so often.

5. There's Always A Smell of Cow Manure In The Air.

It doesn't matter if you're near a farm or not, you'll always smell it and you can't escape it.

6. Someone Is Always Wearing Camo.

Which always comes with the typical joke "Where'd you go? I can't see you."

7. All High School Parties Were In The Woods.

Getting told about parties you usually just always assume it's going to be in the woods.

8. You Basically Live Off Of Cider and Donuts In The Fall.

Going to the apple orchard and getting fresh donuts and cider... There's nothing better.

9. Michigans And Poutine.

The North Country staples. Go anywhere else and no one will have a clue as to what you're talking about.