Know The Signs: Shark Edition
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Know The Signs: Shark Edition

The more you know, the safer you are.

Know The Signs: Shark Edition

Sharks live in the ocean. Big duh, right? Yet we are constantly surprised when humans are attacked while swimming. If you do the math, the chances of getting attacked by a shark are 1 in nearly 4 million. This being said, it still happens every year. Those who live by the beach understand the risk as well as signs -- what to avoid and how to avoid them.

If you're like me and you love swimming in the ocean, it's important to know the signs that a shark may be near. While these signs don't ever guarantee that our fishy friend is close, they are a good way to stay alert and educated while swimming in the ocean.


Jeremy Ricketts // Unsplash

It is not uncommon to see dolphins coasting behind the crashing waves. Many times they travel close to the shore. While dolphins are practically harmless to humans, they can signal that there is a shark near. Dolphins are one of the few sea animals that are able to scare off sharks with their vocal abilities; however, sharks and dolphins often vie for the same fish. So while watching the dolphins is beautiful and fun, it's best to do so out of the water.

Jumping Fish

Francisco Soto // Unsplash

Similarly to the dolphins, schools of fish swimming close to the shore in the same direction can also indicate that a predator is near. Sometimes this predator is just a bigger fish, but sometimes it can be something a bit more sinister. One or two fish is nothing to worry about. It is nearly impossible to swim in the ocean without running into a least one living creature, but a school of fish traveling together can signal there are other larger creatures lurking nearby.

Time of Day

Sebastian Gabriel // Unsplash

Sharks are more likely to be on the prowl at dawn and dusk. Naturally, these times are more dangerous for swimming because it is nearly impossible to see if anything is lurking below. Avoid the waters during these times to ensure safety for you and your loved ones!


Nick Jio // Unsplash

Sitting on the pier and watching the ships go by in a beach staple. But swimming near the pier can be dangerous. Since a lot of beach-goers like to stand and fish off the side of the pier, its not uncommon that sharks and other predatory fish will find their way to the pier. Basically, if someone is fishing, steer clear.

Diving Birds

Westboundary Photography // Unsplash

It's fun to watch the seagulls dive down and scoop at the water, but it can also be a warning sign that other predators are nearby. Just as it is with jumping fish, large schools of fish can indicate a larger predator is nearby.

Of course, these signs aren't a guarantee that sharks are nearby. They are just some simple ways to look out for yourself and others while enjoying a fun week at the beach!

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