Do you ever wonder about those friends you go to about advice? Specifically for problems, you may be going through with your significant other? Although some of your closest friends may have the best intention for you, their opinions may not be the healthiest for your relationship. It is alright to talk to someone else when things begin to get rough for you as your relationship progresses, you have to see the signs of when it becomes judging you versus trying to be there and help you genuinely.

I love all the friends I have who are the closest to me, and I know they will be there for me when I need them the most. I am a very private person so for me to even think about going to someone for advice besides my mother is a big deal. Throughout these past few weeks, I have learned that not everyone including friends can know about what goes on in your relationship. It can even be the slightest detail, and the only people who need to know are you and your significant other

The reason I say this is because when you allow too many people to insert themselves inside of your relationship, it can lead to unwanted opinions about what occurs when you are with someone. The judgments, the side eyeing, the gossiping, coming from a friend can affect how you see your relationship. It may even alter how you feel about certain situations and completely change your perspective in a negative. Also if you consider yourself to be a strong-minded person, others comments and opinions can still affect how you perceive something.

Unfortunately, it sucks to have friends like this because If you are like me, it is quite hard to trust people and takes twice as long for me to open up. So when I open up and end up regretting it later, my trust diminishes more and more. So my advice is, know when the time is right to vent to friends about your relationship, and when it is better to keep things to yourself.