Best Troy And Gabriella Moments in High School Musical

13 Troy And Gabriella Moments To Celebrate 13 Years Of 'High School Musical'

"No matter where life takes us, nothing can break us apart."


It's 2019, which means "High School Musical" came out 13 years ago. Thanks to this franchise, we got memorable characters, catchy songs, and a beautiful love story: Troy and Gabriella. Here, we highlight 13 moments from all three movies to commemorate 13 years of a childhood-favorite musical series.

13.  "Just Wanna Be With You"


This performance was spectacular because it was during the final showcase of the "High School Musical" franchise. They literally traveled all the way from California to New Mexico to save the show. It also showed how strong Troy and Gabriella's relationship is.

12.  The callback audition 

Breaking Free

"It'll be like the first time we sang together. Remember? Like kindergarten." Troy made Gabriella's nerves go away and they belted out the classic "Breaking Free." Then Troy kissing Gabriella on the cheek at the end was super adorable.

11.  The treehouse scene


Here's to another top secret hiding place. This scene tackled Gabriella and Troy's futures, which I believe was such as a mature moment. They support one another's decisions and is willing to make their relationship work.

10.  "My prom is wherever you are."


Troy willing missed his prom to be with Gabriella, and it was super adorable! And the dance sequence was EVERYTHING.

9. When Troy gives Gabriella the "T" necklace

High School

The infamous "T as in Troy" necklace. I wonder if he went to Jared for that? Anyways, it is the cutest gesture of "High School Musical 2."

8. When they find out they both attend East High


This was amazing because they both thought that their story was over, but it is only just beginning.

7. "Out of the pool!"

Troy and Gabriella

Though Troy was late to their date, he made his apology spontaneous. How can Gabriella ever turn him away? It was funny how there was a sweet underwater scene, but then they get busted by Mr. Fulton. They are such awesome rebels.

6. Troy and Gabriella's first kiss


"FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY!" - 7 year old me.

5. All the rooftop garden scenes


What I love about the rooftop garden scenes is how Troy trusts Gabriella to join him in his secret hideout, and now it is theirs.

4. "You Are the Music In Me"...Like UM...THIS IS CUTE!


The way they just sing to one another like there is no one else in the room is phenomenal. I just can't get enough.

3. When the sprinklers went off


When Troy and Gabriella's picnic was ruined, but they made the most out of it and just danced in the sprinklers. Talk about romantic!

2. 32.7 miles away from you 

Troy and Gabriella

Is it just me or did this not make anybody else cry? Even though they will be at different universities, they can still visit one another and probably sing every time they see each other!

1. "The Start of Something New"


Remember the guy who brought up Troy and Gabriella on stage at the New Year's party and said, "someday you guys are going to thank me for this"? Let's give this man a hand for pushing these two to sing the song that will forever be a "High School Musical" classic.

Through the breakups, make-ups, and iconic duets, Troy and Gabriella will forever be an iconic Disney Channel couple. They were not perfect, but they were perfect for each other. I loved them when "High School Musical" came out in 2006, still love them in 2019, and will never stop loving them for years to come. Thank you Disney Channel and Kenny Ortega for giving us this amazing and unforgettable franchise!

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1. Nothing, I mean nothing, is better than finally getting a FaceTime date in after a few weeks.

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I know that is so cheesy, but there is no greater feeling than seeing him/her after an extended period of time (and when I say nothing, I literally mean nothing compares). There is just something about being back in their presence again that just makes the world go back together for the time you two are together. It is the BEST feeling and I know you all can agree with me on that.

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5. Catching up with life when you see each other is so fun.

This is my favorite part. It is like talking non-stop. So many happy conversations and sharing of memories with the other that just have to be explained in person.

6. Little things are the big things.

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Cover Image Credit: Caidie J Photography

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20 Thoughts That Will Run Through Our Heads When We Finally See 'Avengers: Endgame' This Friday

Mr Stark, I don't feel so good...


April 26th is either going to be the worst or best day of the year. Best, because it's my last day of class. Worst, because that means finals. And more importantly, the release of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame." Like most fans, I've been keeping updated on the movies (and some of the spin-off TV shows), and this movie could really live up to its title.

Frankly, I'm terrified to find out what's going to happen, but at this point, there's probably nothing that can surprise me. Just like the 20 MCU movies that have been released into the world, here are 20 things I'm going to be thinking when I sit down and watch the beginning of the end this Friday.

1. Wait, what happened in “Infinity War” again??

Uh.... can anyone give me a quick summary of the last 10 years of Marvel movies?


2.  Who is this guy?

There's like 50 billion characters in this universe... So who is that?


3. Oh, lol. That's Thanos.

I was wondering why he looked so familiar.


4. I swear if I have to see any of the original Avengers die in 1080p I’m going to FIGHT the Russo brothers.

I can't believe this movie came out 7 years ago....



Me holding in a scream at the theater.


6. I’m… so confused.

Does this movie even have a plot or am I just bad at movie comprehension?


7. Maybe I should’ve binged all 20 MCU movies and all the spin-off serieses before watching this...

Maybe we should've given Marvel's Agents of SHIELD a chance. (Just kidding, I love that show)



I'm a full-time student with homework, labs, and a part-time job. I don't have time to watch a new Marvel movie every month, okay?!


9. Oh shoot what’s happening I got distracted...

Just spent 5 minutes cleaning up my spilled popcorn and missed an important plot point. Oops.



GET UP, *Insert your favorite character*!!!



I'm not going to pretend like I know what's going to happen, but I know Ant-man has an important part to play. I will speak that into existence.


12. Why didn’t Thanos just create more resources if he thought there was an overpopulation problem? There are plenty of abandoned planets and galaxies out there, and he thought it was best to delete half of all sentient life? He has the power to change space and he couldn’t just move everyone somewhere else? Why did he have to snap? He probably caused more problems by instantly dusting half the universe. What did he think he was going to gain from that? This movie makes no sense.

Thanos when he gathered all the Infinity Stones:



It's all fun and games until you figure out the grand plan and all the pieces fall into place...


14.  Did they really just make that joke… Now is NOT the time

Do these directors not understand the struggle we are going through right now???


15. Actually now that I think about it, that was pretty funny.

I guess those Russo brothers are decent at humor or something.


16. WHAT

Is this allowed???


17.  HUH

I didn't pay $10 for this to get my feelings HURT.


18. I officially hate Marvel. Bye.

Me @ me after "THE END" pops up on the screen and all of my favorite characters are still suffering.


19.  Ooh end credits!

Real MCU fans KNOW the struggle of waiting 20 minutes just for a 30 second extra scene.



I don't think I'll make it to the next movie...


Remember, Thanos demands your silence (no spoilers, guys). See y'all on the other side.

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