Just A Big City Girl In A Smaller City World
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Just A Big City Girl In A Smaller City World

You can take the girl out of the big city, but you can't take the big city out of the girl.

Just A Big City Girl In A Smaller City World

College is a time to move out of the house and go and get an education, right? Of course! People will have different experiences with college. Some students will stay at home, others will move an hour or two away, others might go across the country.

I personally moved only two hours away from college. Not too far, but far enough to where I am in a new city and learning how to live on my own. I love it, not going to lie. I feel so comfortable living at college, which I should be.

I have lived in a very popular city that is pretty large my whole life. The Ville, as we call it. Yes, Louisville. I am a "Die Hard Card" with my red and black, but I never wanted to go there for school. It's a great college, but they don't have a great department for my major. Plus, it's in my hometown, so it didn't feel like I would have gotten the college experience that I had always dreamed about.

After talking to a local radio broadcaster in Louisville, she told me all about the first college she attended: the University of Southern Indiana (USI). I asked her all kinds of questions, the "who, what, when, where, why." I was only a sophomore in high school, but I wanted to get a head start. I looked at USI and fell in love, not only with the pictures online, but with the stories and experiences that she shared with me.

I never once visited USI before attending, not until my orientation. I knew USI would be my home.

Throughout my freshman year, I got to know many people from all around Indiana (mostly) and others from Kentucky or Illinois. Many of the people I met call Evansville a city and say that it's so big. I look at them and ask why they say that. I get a response of "It's so big!" or "The store is so close." or even "There's so many stores and stoplights everywhere."

I look at those same people and say, "But it's so tiny here. It's really cute." Their reaction was the same as mine. Surprised. I explain that I am from Louisville. If I am with anyone from the same area as me, or those who live in Indy, we'll explain how calm and nice it is to get away from the city life. Still, the same surprised reaction.

But that's the thing! I love it here! No bridge traffic, not as much major construction, fewer interstates (don't get me started on Spaghetti Junction). It's the perfect combination of city and country life all in one.

When picking a school, make sure that it has a great program that you want to go into, but also make sure that you are comfortable living there. It'll make all the difference. Whether you're going from a little country to a city or vice versa, make sure you can thrive there.

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