A Letter to My Aunt
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A Letter to My Aunt

An open letter in memorandum for the wonderful aunts of the world.

A Letter to My Aunt

To the "fun" but also extremely nurturing, caring and loving aunt,
I sincerely thank you for the lifetime of advice, wisdom and laughs you have provided me with. Having an aunt is the same thing as having a second mother, while playing almost the same roles, but is willing to let you break some rules here and there for the hell of it. Growing up, my aunt always had my back during times of joy and sticky situations alike. Early on, she earned the "cool aunt" award, as her fun-loving and generous demeanor lifted everyone's' spirits at family gatherings. She is not only family, but serves as a life-long confidant and a best friend. Everything about my aunt is so exciting -- her cooking, her fashion, her ability to make you laugh. So, cheers to all the aunts that helped their nieces and nephews like me throughout childhood and into adulthood. Here are some memorable moments we all have experienced or would love to share with our 'favorite' aunt.

Her Signature Dinner Dish

Whenever I visited, I always requested my aunt's best dish for dinner. My favorite part was learning how to cook it and helping her in the kitchen as we laughed with my cousins about the mess we made. Boy, it was more delicious than the previous times.

Her Cute Birthday Cards

Aunts are also moms, so they never forget a special occasion -- especially our birthdays. Every year, my aunt sent a cute card with a note wishing me a happy, happy birthday as I turned another year older. Her perfect, teacher hand-writing telling me to treat myself to a shopping spree never ceased to make me smile as she paired it with some cash.

Her Impeccable Fashion Sense

Oh boy, does my aunt know how to shop for fabulous clothes, but in the most reasonable ways. Her ability to find a new store with the best deals and put together an outfit, is matchless. Her closet was a place of wonders my cousins and I love to sift through even to this day.

Her Boy Advice

We all know our moms are there for us no matter what, but sometimes it is difficult to talk boys with them at first. For me, I found solace in knowing my aunt would give it to me straight and support me with any decision I made.

Her Timeless Humor

While our parents can be strict, (later, I realized this was for my benefit) my aunt was always able to diffuse the situation with humor as she understood both sides well. Her ability to make me laugh paired with her understanding nature, helped me through some tough times.

Her Selfless Family Contributions

Whether it be by making meals, housing all 12 crazy cousins under one roof, taking us to the beach, attending sports tournaments, letting us borrow her clothes, baking tasty treats or driving all of us to the mall, my aunt never failed to support not only me, but the rest of our giant, extended family as well. She does it all out of love.

These six examples do not even scratch the surface. So, this is a forever thank you to all the aunts out there who radiate beauty, strength, brilliance and never fail to support us. Your dedication to your immediate and extended families helps make the world go 'round.

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