10 Fun July 4th Date Ideas - Fourth Of July Dates
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10 July 4th Date Ideas That'll Have Sparks Flying, Even While Social Distancing

Not even COVID-19 can stop us from celebrating the 4th of July!

10 July 4th Date Ideas That'll Have Sparks Flying, Even While Social Distancing

The 4th of July is a holiday so many people look forward to every year because of all the fun activities that take place! Whether that is watching fireworks, hanging out with friends and family, attending parades, or going to a sports game, COVID-19 has put a damper on most, if not all, of the planned festivities for the year.

With Independence Day activities canceled due to social distancing guidelines in place, you can still celebrate America with your significant other! Here are some date ideas that will have sparks flying this 4th of July!

1. Have a USA-themed movie marathon

The best way to social distance is obviously binge-watching Netflix. Cuddle up together, get some snacks and maybe a glass of wine (if you're of age), and watch some great patriotic movies! A few movies I'd suggest would be "Top Gun," "1776," and "Forest Gump!" If you're having trouble finding a movie, you can easily search on Google for the best movies to watch on the 4th of July!

2. Throw together an at home cookout 

Missing out on your annual cookout with family and friends? You can still have a cookout! Whether you want to do a mini-cookout or BBQ with just your significant other or have another couple come over for it, it's the perfect way to still gobble up some delicious ribs or burgers! Just set up a little table in your backyard, cook up some food, and enjoy!

3. Bake a USA-themed cake or other dessert

I'm sure in previous years you've seen on social media the annual American flag cake post from someone. Get your significant other in the kitchen and whip up a delicious, creative USA cake! You can easily find recipes and step-by-step instructions online on how to make your cake look perfect for the holiday! Start by checking out Pinterest for inspo.

4. Set fireworks off together or light sparklers

I know a lot of states have canceled most of their firework shows, so why not have one of your own?! Go out and buy some fireworks, big or small, and safely set them off with your significant other! You can invite some friends too, just make sure you're following social distancing and state guidelines while doing so! If fireworks are illegal in your city or state, please don't set them off. Instead, go out and buy sparklers and light those! You can get some great photo-ops either way.

5. Have a 4th of July themed photoshoot

Want something cute and fun to do? Have a red, white, and blue photoshoot! Go out to your local Walmart or party store, buy some cute decorations, and boom! Perfect background, cute props, and most important, cute couple photos! Invite another couple or a few friends over to join in the fun, too!

6. Mini road trip around your state or city to watch fireworks

Look up where fireworks will be set off in your city or state. Chances are, there is at least a couple of places that are still allowed to shoot off fireworks, as long as social distancing guidelines are in place. Drive around with your significant other and find spots where you can watch fireworks go off into the night sky! Make sure you remain in your car while doing so if there are other people around.

7. Have a game day as a couple or with some friends

What kind of activities do you like to do at a cookout? Maybe it's cornhole, beer pong (if you're of legal age), volleyball, soccer, etc. Regardless, look around your home and see what outdoor or indoor games you have that you and your significant other may enjoy doing together! Gather some friends as well, but again... follow social distancing guidelines, please!

8. Build a bonfire and enjoy the summer night

What's better than cuddling up around a fire on a summer evening with you significant other and maybe some friends? Get some graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows and enjoy some s'mores while you're at it! (Note: Please make sure you build your fire safely and legally in a fire pit of some sort).

9. Mix up some festive cocktails together

If you're 21 or older, this one is for you. Check out different red, white, and blue alcoholic drinks you could throw together with your significant other! Personally I would suggest trying the Firecracker vodka recipe, which uses Smirnoff's Red White and Berry vodka. It's super delicious and refreshing! Not 21? Try these patriotic non-alcoholic drinks.

10. Camp out together in your backyard

A great way to end the night is camping out in your backyard with your significant other. There will probably be fireworks going off late into the night in some places, so not only do you get to relax and cuddle, but you can also enjoy the end of a fun holiday by looking at the moon and fireworks. Throw on some romantic music and you've got yourself the perfect date right there.

Despite plans being ruined and social distancing guidelines set in place, you still have plenty of ways to celebrate our country. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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