Job Searches: Not A Fun Time

"Sell yourself!" "Tell me about yourself..." "What makes you unique?"

Oh. My. God. I am so exhausted of hearing those questions. You're repeating yourself word for word every single damn time for every single damn job application that you never ever hear back from! What's the god damn point of these?! I swear I am overly frustrated with this job/internship search.

Literally every single application asks for me to be a junior or to have a certain level of GPA or to be familiar with the firm's people or to already have 2+ years of experience. I am a sophomore in undergrad??? What??

Some of y'all whose reading this will say: "Look for positions that are for sophomores" "There's programs for sophomores". Yeah Karen I've applied and gotten rejected. I already know I'm not good enough (yet) for all of these programs and positions. Now when I'm a junior, they'll be looking for my past experiences DURING sophomore year, which now I will not have at all. There goes my dream job.

Honestly after the anger phase, I feel like the anxiety phase kicks in. Like, you're not qualified enough, the field is competitive AF and everyone else that you know are getting second round interviews with the top firms of the industry. Say that comparison is the thief of joy but is anyone else not even slightly panicked by this?

What if I don't get anything this summer? What if I have nothing to tell recruiters during junior year recruiting? What if I can't compete with anyone else? All these what if's start coming into my head as if a dam called 'work related anxiety' broke and all the beavers drowned.

People say that you don't need to have something every summer to succeed, but who said I would like to only have a 5 digit salary working for HR? I am too ambitious for that, thank u, next.

I can't really end this on a positive note, but this is seriously a relatable issue for all college students.

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