Fall semester is almost over (hallelujah), but while this means there are class meetings left, it also means that there are fewer days in which to get everything done. While not everyone in college ends up having finals, we almost all end up with a ridiculous amount of work the last few weeks. For some, this ends up being their undoing. For others, this is their time to show what they are made of. For me, this means crawling across the finish line with acceptable grades after the worst semester of my college career (thank you, senior year. I hate you).

Here are some things we might all be dealing with during these final glorious, yet terrible, weeks of the fall semester before break:

1. Avoidance

It’s only during finals week that you realize how great you are at avoiding every semblance of responsibility. Laundry? Nope. Ten page paper due tomorrow night? Maybe. Netflix? Heck yes.

2. Stress

I’d like to say it’s all going to be okay, but right now that probably isn’t going to cut it. You will survive, though, through the remainder of this article. If you can handle finishing reading an Odyssey article, let’s hope you can handle finishing up the semester. The stress will dissipate then.

3. Anger

This time of the year, I find that I am angry at everything. The wind is infuriating, slow drivers are even more enraging than normal, and my classmates are about to make me scream in the middle of lecture. Oh, the joys of those last few weeks.

4. Anxiety

Being anxious is a regular part of almost every college student’s existence, but with the excessive amount of readings, papers, projects, presentation, tests, and quizzes occurring in the next week or so, it’s a bit harder to handle.

5. Perseverance

I figured I better include at least one positive thing in this list, and that’s perseverance. Despite numbers 1 through 4, we will all make it through. We’ll celebrate Christmas and New Year’s virtually stress free, and actually start to get excited for the spring semester – only to have these exact same feelings again come May.

While the end of the semester brings a lot of unwanted feelings with it and, more often than not, a handful of meltdowns, it's nice to remember past semesters and how you made it through in the end. Whether it was the worst semester you've ever had, like me, or just an average one, it's almost over and the fact that we've almost made it through it worth celebrating.