It’s Raining (Wild)Cats and Dogs at the University of Kentucky

It’s Raining (Wild)Cats and Dogs at the University of Kentucky

A bond that will forever change both dog and human.

LEXINGTON, Ky.—An elite team of eight is making a difference on the campus of the University of Kentucky. As students walk to and from class, they stop and stare at the members of this group and often snap pictures.

At first glance, one may venture that the students are mesmerized by players from UK’s ever popular, eight-time NCAA championship men’s basketball team, but they would be wrong. These members of this team are of much shorter stature.

The Wildcat Service Dogs are an elite group of service dogs in training that are making a difference with helping hands, make that helping paws, on UK’s campus.

Founded by Katie Skarvan in 2014, Wildcat Service Dogs is an organization run completely by students. The program raises and trains service dogs for the first 10-12 months of their lives before they go on to specialized training with Assistance Dogs for Achieving Independence.

Even more amazing than the fact that these dogs learn to pay cashiers with credit cards or open doors, is the unique relationship that develops between the trainer and dog over the course of their time in the program.

Upon receiving their puppy, trainers are responsible for socializing, teaching, housing, and financing their dogs. In addition to working with their puppy, trainers must attend weekly training sessions and once-a-month socialization outings, as well as completing progress reports to define their dog’s improvement for the week.

Molly Mathistad, current Vice President of WSD and a trainer of one-year-old Hudson who graduated the WSD program Oct 14, reflected on their close bond.

“I grew to love Hudson with all of my heart because of how goofy, happy, and loving he was” she said, “I knew that he would be there to make my day with that smile every time I looked at him, just like he knew that I'd always be smiling back.”

It is this special relationship between trainer and dog that make this program so successful and allows it to make such an impact on the campus.

Mathistad and Hudson’s emotional connection was reflected in their working relationship.

“Creating a bond with your training partner is one of the most important things to their training,” Mathistad says.

“A lot of training a service dog is just making everything that you possibly can into a positive experience, and when they know that nothing negative is going to happen because they look to you and you're excited about what's happening, they're much more open to it.”

The WSD program is set up to teach the dogs basic commands first, and mastering them is tantamount to their future success. They learn to sit, down, stay, and watch as their initial commands in addition to being potty-trained and taught to respond to their names.

Socialization is an imperative factor in their training as well. Service dogs must become acclimated to various scents, sounds, people, places, and environments.

The trainer is the key tool in accomplishing these goals. Their emotions in regards to training sessions have a heavy impact on the dog.

“If they [the dog] feel you getting frustrated, they shut down as well. If they see you acting scared, they can react to that too; and conversely, if they see that you're excited about something, they'll be more open to it as well,” says Mathistad.

Wildcat Service Dogs also gives members the chance to be “sitters”. These members are an incredible aid for trainers who need to work, study, or do something personal that their dog cannot be a part of. Sitters take the dog into their hands for the allotted time that the trainer needs covered. During this time they are responsible for ensuring that the dog continues to practice the skills that they are being trained to do.

Thus, sitters have an opportunity to form a relationship with the dogs in the program as well, a bond that makes an impact on their own lives just as much as the dogs.

“My favorite part of sitting the dogs in Wildcat Service Dogs is getting to work with each dog in the program, and getting to know each of their different personalities, said Kate Clowes, a trained sitter for WSD.

Clowes has been sitter with the program for a year now and loves every minute.

“I get a chance to be a part of something great, and I get to work with amazing dogs to do it,” she says, “I get to see firsthand the relationship that these animals have with their trainers, and I get to be a small part of that as well.”

Both Clowes’ and Mathistad’s work with WSD reflect the mission of the organization and their desire to touch the lives of the community through the dogs they work with.

Through developing numerous skills, socialization training and preparation for future advanced training, each dog from WSD are becoming the perfect aide and best friend for their future owners.

Each dog’s trainer is a piece of helping them accomplish that.

Mathistad explains that knowing she’s making a difference makes the experience so much more special.

“The dedication, time, patience, and selflessness which this process requires can take so much out of you by the end of the day, but that dog will change your whole world and most importantly, you'll get to see your best friend changing someone else's.”

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Baking Enzymes Market: Global Manufacturing Cost, Key Suppliers of Raw Materials Analysis with Forecast to 2025

Baking Enzymes Market Research projects market to grow at a CAGR of XXXX% during the period 2018-2025.

Baking Enzymes Market Research projects market to grow at a CAGR of XXXX% during the period 2018-2025. Baking Enzymes Market research report allows you to get the information you need when you need it most. It is an outcome of the robust analysis of inputs from multiple sources like manufacturers/suppliers, government bodies, annual reports of key stakeholders, industry specialists with deep awareness & experience of the Baking Enzymes industry, and qualitative as well as quantitative verification with various up-to-date methods. Everyone regardless the size of business in the Baking Enzymes industry can use this report to achieve desired objectives.

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The Baking Enzymes market report focuses on main product types and analyzes the revenue, production, market share, price, growth rate, manufacturing cost, concentration rate, and Price Trend for each product type. Product types analyzed in the report are: -

  • Carbohydrase
  • Protease
  • Lipase

Also, status and outlook for major applications by market share, growth rate, and consumption (sales) are provided for applications in

  • Breads
  • Biscuits & Cookies
  • Cakes & Pastries
  • Other

Major vendors operating in the Baking Enzymes Market are analyzed for Production, price, revenue, gross margin, market share, their manufacturing base, sales area, competitors, product category, application, and specification AB Enzymes Gmbh, Advanced Enzymes, Roya DSM, Maps Enzyme Limited, Novozymes.

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The report starts with Baking Enzymes market landscape and its growth prospects which is an analysis of various characteristics of market like market ecosystem and different market segments etc. Then it breaks global market into United States, China, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and India regions based on geography, for a better understanding of the size, share, and market situations of each region. By comparing various parameters between regions along with their year-over-year growth, the forecast is projected.

Baking Enzymes Market Report then focus on five force analysis viz. bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of suppliers, the threat of new entrants, threat of substitutes and threat of rivalry. This analysis reveals market dynamics like drivers, emerging opportunities, challenges, trends, and present scenarios etc. of the market.

Market specialist dedicate a chapter for Globalisation & Trade of Baking Enzymes market. This chapter includes a detailed analysis of crucial factors like Business Locations, Supply channels, Marketing strategy, Pricing Strategy, Brand Strategy, and Barriers to Entry in this market.

Baking Enzymes Market Report explains region wise Import, Export, and Consumption information with the help of different charts and tables to deeply reveal the market situations. Contact information of major distributors and major customers is also delivered by this report. Also, Key success factors for Baking Enzymes market are discussed with examples in this report.

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Further Baking Enzymes Market reports shed light on customer landscape and vendor landscape. Consumer landscape talks about consumer needs, major drifts observed in them over time and consumer buying patterns. Vendor landscape provides landscape disruption, competitive scenario. Comprehensive SWOT analysis along with vendor analysis considering business segments, organizational developments, geographic focus, segment focus, key offerings, and market share of each vendor is also provided in this market research report. This vendor analysis is explained with simplicity and is based on their classification and market positioning.

In Short, this Baking Enzymes Market Research Report provides a detailed picture of current as well as anticipated market situation along with critical market data required for decision making.

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