A college environment is full of activities and social events that any student can take part in. From football and soccer games, to club events, to performances in theater and by a cappella groups, to venturing out on the town with friends or going to a late-night party, one or all of these pastimes can be occurring at some point on a college campus. It is quite amazing how a college campus can have such a variety and immense amount of activities going on. This can be great at times, and sometimes, it can just be a little bit overwhelming. What I’ve learned from my experience in college so far is that it’s perfectly okay to not go out, to have a day for yourself, and simply relax.

Relaxing is a “God-given gift” because of the hectic schedules college students are trying to manage and the limited amount of time someone can actually relax. Trying to balance school and a social life is daunting, and fitting in time for yourself sometimes feels like the last thing someone should focus on. When so much is going on, who honestly should focus on relaxing, when everyone seems to be going out and socializing? For me personally, as I am sure many other students have felt at some point, not going out can sometimes cause the opposite of relaxation: anxiety and stress. Being at college, one can feel obligated to go out to events because everyone around you is doing that. You would be missing out on meeting new peers and missing out on making more fun and memorable times with your friends. And because of this, people will go out on any chance they get; even I have been at fault for this.

I have now realized that it is okay to take a break from the social scene and have time for yourself. Going out when you aren’t in the mood to be extroverted and socialize not only brings you down, but can ruin your time that could be spent in a way that you would enjoy it. Whether that be taking a walk around your own campus, sitting down in a quiet space to reflect, watching Netflix, or talking to your family or an old friend, this can help you detox and unwind when you just want to be calm, relaxed, and have time for yourself. Having a day like this will not only help you emotionally and physically, it will benefit you in the long run to do other activities in the following days to come.

So to all college students, now that we are on the last stretch of midterms: take your break. Have a lazy day! Take time for yourself to recharge to keep going in the craziness and the experience that is college.