Is It Okay For A Christian's Favorite Holiday To Be Halloween?

Is It Okay For A Christian's Favorite Holiday To Be Halloween?

Can I be a church-going, God-fearing Christian that loves the spooky creatures and tricks and treats of Halloween?

This has been a question on my mind for many years. Since I was a young child, I have always considered Halloween as my favorite holiday. I have always enjoyed scary movies, carving pumpkins, haunted houses, dressing up and, most importantly, eating candy. Parents have always preached that scary movies rot your mind, and candy rots your teeth, but the question that haunts me is more of the spiritual orientation than the physical. Is it okay, for a Christian as myself, to enjoy Halloween, and even call it my favorite holiday?

This question was brought to my thoughts as a young child when a friend's mother told me it was wrong to love Halloween. As a young person, of course, my first response is "Why?" accompanied by a puzzled expression. Her answer was "because it is not Christian-like." As someone who grew up in a Southern Baptist church, went to bible school every year and said the ABCs of becoming a Christian many years ago, this response hit home. Was I disappointing God by loving Halloween?

So, I have decided this year that I am going to attempt to find the answer to that question. After countless readings of articles across the internet, and my own readings of The Bible, I believe I have found my "side" of the argument. However, I am not saying that my point of view is correct because I am not the One to make the final judgments of things, but this is just how I feel about the matter.

According to an article on, the origins of Halloween began many years ago in Europe. "It was a Celtic celebration of the new year, called Samhain which occurred on November 1." The Celts believed this was the one day of the year when the souls of the dead could mingle with the living. However, when the various Saints arrived in the area and began to turn the area towards Christianity, this holiday was given a Christian twist and used to help the pagans convert to Christianity. There also is a negative piece of history regarding Halloween. It is the druidic belief that on the night of November 1, evil spirits came out to play. Demons roamed the streets and tortured mortals, The only way to stay safe was to dress like one of them (hence the idea of costumes), or make them sweet treats (hence the idea of candy).

Today, Halloween is known more as a night where children dress as various fictional characters, not all spooky, and go door-to-door collecting candy. Sure, the negative connotation still exists in spooky horror films on television and haunted houses where people dress up in terrifying guises in order to scare others — but is it really wrong of me to love Halloween?

The Bible does not actually refer to Halloween at any point, but there are some verses that can help. Also found in an article on, Ephesians 5:11 states “and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them.” So, since in some circles Halloween would fall into the category of "unfruitful works of darkness" because of its involvement of witches, evil spirits, demons, other unearthly creatures, and the blood, gore, and murder in horror movies, should we stop celebrating Halloween altogether? Refuse to watch scary movies, go to haunted houses, pass out candy, take our children trick or treating, dress up in costumes, or detest anything to do with the holiday? Or should we "expose them" by celebrating this holiday, acknowledging that there truly is evil in this world, not just brought out on this day, but we are strong enough in our faith to stand against it?

It's an argument that can be disputed by many for endless days. Who's to say what is really right or wrong? Personally, my decision on the matter is balance. Sure, I will watch some spooky movies, carve a pumpkin, pass out candy, and dress up in a costume, but I will still talk to God in the car on the way to school as usual, still do my devotional everyday, and not let the goblins and gore distract me from the daily responsibilities I have as a Christian.

So, whatever your opinion may be on the subject, enjoy your candy and the re-runs of Hocus Pocus, carve a pumpkin, and dress in your costume, but don't let the madness and mayhem of this spooky night distract you from your relationship with God.

Cover Image Credit: Sydney Moore

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10 Random Ways To Have Fun This Spooky Season Without Being Basic

4. Hide in a corn maze and scare other people.


Fall can be a wonderful time of the year if you try to enjoy the season for what it can truly be. With all those warm colors, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced everything, and spooky scary skeletons, fall is a season like no other. I am going to offer you a list of new ideas you can try in a completely non-sarcastic way.

1. Decorate someone else's place as a haunted house. 


You should most likely ask for permission if they are complete strangers to you. Another option is to ask a relative or a close friend if you can go and decorate for them. Bring out those cobwebs and creepy witch brooms and start decorating.

2. Carve some pumpkins and leave them on random porches. 


You can make them look super scary or super artsy, but just make sure you give them to other people. They will probably enjoy the gift more than you anyway as long as you make it totally appropriate for all crowds.

3. Take a pile of leaves and organize them by color. 


This may sound tedious and completely pointless, but at least it will give you something to do. Once they are separated, go ahead and jump in the new piles. Make sure you get a picture of your outcome too because that is a major success.

4. Hide in a corn maze and scare other people.


It may take a long time for someone to actually walk by, but when they do it will be totally worth it to see the look on their faces when you freak them out. Bonus points if they scream at you.

5. Whip out your famous veggie tray instead of offering candy. 


Nothing like some good ole healthy options on Halloween. You could also substitute the vegetables for something else such as fruit if you prefer. The sky is your limit, so just go wild this spooky season.

6. Leave a note on your porch saying "take one" but have no bowl out. 


Everyone loves a good holiday prankster. Make the sign super aesthetic and elaborate as well as big enough for people to read to want to come up to your porch. Once they get there, they will be super disappointed which could be a lot of fun.

7. Watch a horror movie first thing in the morning just to traumatize the rest of your day. 


Start with something extremely violent and terrifying. If it can create daymares, then it is completely the right option.

8. Wear a sheet over your head for an entire day and pretend to be a ghost. 


Just make sure you have a couple eyeholes to be able to see where you are going. This could either be a really good idea or a potentially dangerous one, so just make sure you freak people out while you can.

9. Pick a random day to give out "Best Costume" certificates to your friends. 


Make sure it is a completely regular day where no one is wearing any sort of costumes. Pass out different certificates such as "Most Boring" or "Scariest". If none of your friends know it is coming, it will be even funnier for you.

10. Wear a costume to a costume store.


Make sure to pretend to be deep in thought while staring at the shelves. Also make sure to wear your most obnoxious costume you own because why not be super tacky all the time.

Halloween may be just around the corner, but the fall season is just getting started. Make this spooky season one to remember full of laughter and good times.

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