Introduction to a Blockchain-based All-In-One Solution
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Introduction to a Blockchain-based All-In-One Solution

Blockchain-based All-In-One Solution

Introduction to a Blockchain-based All-In-One Solution

Is your business being attacked by counterfeiters? Is the reputation of your business on the line? Do you face an inefficient track and trace mechanism? Introducing Blokchi - a blockchain-based, NFT-enabled application that serves industries across every field with numerous solutions to maximize success.

Blokchi ensures improved brand integrity, increased customer loyalty, insight into customers’ needs, and refined track and trace solution amongst many others to help in the growth of your brand, and your business. To understand the process, we need to delve deeper into the mechanism of Blokchi.

Preventing Dangers of Counterfeit

Counterfeit has an enormous negative impact on a business, leading to product recalls, legal issues, loss of consumer trust, loss of sales and revenues, and eventually loss of a brand’s reputation. Blokchi helps tackle counterfeiting by providing a secure tracking system with unique NFT QR codes on every layer of packaging.

From the beginning of the supply chain (the manufacturer) to the end of the supply chain (the end-user), an end-to-end tracking solution is implemented to identify the provenance, track the location of the product, and send real-time reports to the business at each stage in the supply chain.

This initiative taken by Blokchi aims at helping a business by applying blockchain through the use of smart tags such as QR codes, RFID tags, etc. A smart tag attached to a product benefits a business and the consumer by proving real-time reports of the product in locating the product’s journey and authenticating its genuineness.

Enhanced Consumer Behavior Analytics

Blokchi provides assistance to a business by peeping inside the mind of a consumer and meeting their demands timely. Why tackle incomplete data, inaccurate surveys, and confusing analytics with respect to meeting consumers’ needs when you can find a detailed report through Blokchi?

The scanning of blockchain-based, NFT-enabled smart tags affixed to each layer of packaging prompts Blokchi to send timely updates to the manufacturer of the supply and demand of the consumer; improving the management of the inventory and preventing insufficiency of a product.

Incentivizing Loyalty of Customers

In addition, Blokchi has also introduced a customer loyalty program that provides rewards to consumers for purchasing a particular business’ product. The rewards can range from VIP passes, cashback, incredible deals, unique discounts, and much more.

This, in turn, attracts consumers to repurchase the product and maintain loyalty to one brand only. This marketing approach results in a great way to engage customers beyond the point of purchase. It also helps a company to get an insight into the customer’s mind and make an effort to retain customers.

End-to-End Track & Trace Solution

The blockchain-enabled application that helps in tracking and tracing a product in a supply chain is quite beneficial for certain industries such as food, fashion, and regulated product industries (human drugs, medical devices, veterinary products, etc).

Supply chain traceability is essential in various industries to minimize concerns about contamination and adulteration of food; product recall to check the shelf life or track the defective product, etc. Blokchi integrates enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, warehouse management, and manufacturing execution.

Blokchi also resolves the issue of duplicate copies or inconsistent records through blockchain that stores information on a rigid, decentralized ledger accessible to all participants on a supply chain. This allows data to be accurate.

Improved Inventory Management

To identify shortages and defects of a product, companies appoint supply chain partners. However, the only downfall of this arrangement is that even though the company might determine the cause of the shortage and defects, it may not reveal the reason for the cause.

The blockchain procedure attaches a timestamp to every transaction entered into the blockchain and the transaction history remains rigid. Blockchain technology provides visibility in all stages, allowing us to know if a product goes missing due to the error of the stocker, or is being hoarded by a warehouse employee.

Solving Security Issues Through Serialization

Serialization of a product helps allocate a unique number to a product in a supply chain. Without the use of serialization, a business’s security can be challenged in the following ways:

  • Serial numbers can be stolen and used to forge products. Thus, uniqueness in a serial number should be verifiable at every stage of the supply chain.
  • Change of custody of a product in distribution can be corrupted. Thus, compliance with the change of custody should be verifiable.
  • If a product’s shelf life has expired, then the manufacturer or the consumer should be able to verify the product’s shelf life.

With the use of Blokchi, a participant of a supply chain with the use of blockchain can improvise the security, prevent data tampering, and build transparency by providing a secure data-sharing platform.

Redefining Brand Integrity

Word-of-mouth has the power to break or make a business. But how can one ensure if what is said about the company is true or false? The answer is blockchain.

Being known as a ‘trusted intermediary,’ blockchain helps transfer the brand values from an organization to a customer. As blockchain is verifiable, immutable, and traceable; a customer has the knowledge of the authenticity of a brand and how the brand serves consumers.

The blockchain-based, NFT-enabled smart tags application, Blokchi adopts this method to produce accurate data, improve engagement of the audience, and enhance security. These features attract the loyalty of customers and thus, magnify the brand integrity.

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