Below is a poem about the struggle of insomnia. I decided to write this in a different form than I am used to writing in. I wrote it in the style of haiku. Each stanza is a haiku. For those you who are unfamiliar with this style, let me explain. A haiku is a three lined poem. Each line has a specific amount of syllables. The pattern is 5-7-5, which means, the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables, and the third line has five syllables. It creates a rhythmic flow with having to rhyme. (Note that every three lines is a haiku, and thus every three lines is one stanza in this poem.) I haven't written in this style for some time, but I enjoyed challenging myself to branch out.

The poem was inspired by a couple of different things. First, it was inspired by my own struggles to fall asleep each night. While I've never been formally diagnosed with insomnia, I did a sleep study for one of my psychology classes which stated that I show some symptoms of insomnia. Whether or not I actually do have insomnia, most nights I do struggle to fall asleep. I lay down and close my eyes, but it can take hours for sleep to come. I find myself thinking through things I need to the next day, in the next few days, or even in the coming weeks. My mind can't seem to shut off, in spite of my body being completely exhausted. The second inspiration for this poem came from an amazing song. The song was written by a friend of mine. (For those of you interested in, the song is "Losing Sleep" by Simeon Sheppard.) The song, though not necessarily about insomnia, deals with his struggles to sleep due to his anxieties. I am very excited to share this poem with you, and I hope that you enjoy it.


Endless stream of thoughts

Sleepless nights, mind won't shut off

Desperately want rest

Ideas flood my mind

Each vying for attention

They scream to be heard

Exhaustion sets in

Yet I'm still lying awake

Why can't I just sleep

Wish all my worries

Would wait until morning comes

To race through my mind

I pray in the hopes

That my mind would become clear

Only God can help

This nightly battle

A regular occurrence

It's taking a toll


I manage to fall asleep

Mind finally off

Yet in the morning

I never feel quite refreshed

It's hard to awake

The days feel longer

The time passes more slowly

Lack of energy

Yet each night I fight

The same exhausting battle

Just wishing I'd sleep

Stuck in a cycle

It's wearing my body down

Can't seem to break it

Someday I will win

This war with insomnia

I'll finally sleep

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