The Ins And Outs Of Dating A Single Parent
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The Ins And Outs Of Dating A Single Parent

Dating a single mom can be rough on anyone. Especially if she's a good mother. She's gonna put you second always.

The Ins And Outs Of Dating A Single Parent

There's a lot of pressure that's why it's completely understood, that it takes a man to fill these shoes. The task is hard and takes the most out of someone. It takes someone who won't give up as well as being patient.

Dating a single mom can be rough on anyone. Especially if she's a good mother. She's gonna put you second always. That only second, "if you truly want to be with someone you'll make time," doesn't really apply here. For single moms there's not enough time in the day already to make even more time. Between Ninja Turtle cartoons and throwing baseball in the yard we run out of time to see you for a few minutes. Because honestly we are exhausted by that point and just want sleep.

My parents had people they dated in and out.... Each one I found something i adored in. Then things didn't work out and they where gone.... I had never even got to say goodbye. I swore if this was this life I lived I'd never do that to my kids. So please understand if you don't meet my son for months after we even become official, it has nothing to do with you. I respect my son and I won't do that to him. His life has nothing to do with my personal relationships and until I know you aren't going anywhere for awhile your existence will be a mystery to him.

DO NOT SHOW PDA in front of him... It's distasteful to me. Until we are WAYYY further down the road in our relationship like several years and wedding bells are in our future, do not show that in front of him. I am trying to raise a man of respect and the first step of that is to show we respect him. It's hard enough on a child to not understand why their parents are not together. I do not want to add to it, by my child wondering why another man gets to hug momma a little too closely.

Some days you might hear from me very little. We are very active in our family. When my son is with me we have plans made from the time we get up to the time we fall asleep. Chasing a toddler around all days can be tiring, so please understand if you haven't heard from me that if I care I will communicate with you right before I lay my head. Just be patient with me.

He comes first. In everything and anything. When we finally get some time to ourselves and I have to cancel because I get to get him from his daddy, please understand. Please get that I'm going to chose him above all and that you will fall second. Please be okay with that. Time with him is so short and every second I lose I'll never get back. I don't want to miss anymore than the 50% of his life I already had to give up. So if it's my time to have him, don't ask me to do anything besides have him. What I look for in you more is to be supporting.

The only games I want to play, are with my son. Please don't waste my time. If you don't want kids, or don't really like them then move along. Please.

There is pluses to being a single mom. It's not all a hard world to take on.

We can take anything that is handed out way and sort them out as quickly as we can. We get first hand experience that life doesn't go as according to plan so we get when you have to change plans. We can help you sort out a issue you might have yourself.

We are independent ourselves. We don't do the clingy and wanting to settle down too quickly. We already have to put my time in thought process into our own future actions, that you are thought into the mix very carefully.

We know what we want. First off. If it doesn't work from the get go, we probably aren't going to give it another chance or 59 attempts wasting your time, as well as ours. We clearly have a failed mistake that we don't want to repeat.

It'll be stressful, but single moms want someone who shows us from the get go they can handle the curve balls life throws as well as we can. Want someone who can show us, time is of the essence, as well to support us in choosing our kids before all.

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