How Instagram Influences Make Money On Multi-Level Marketing

I'm sure you've gotten them. The ever persistent "hey girl…" messages. That explore page must really be popping because I get these messages at least five times a week. Annoying as they are, these gals (and guys) are killing it. Sure, you're mad that you can't make money that easily, but once you're on board, once you become an upline, your complaining will cease.

I'm really only familiar with a few of these multi-level marketing brands. Multi-level-marketing is a corporate structure in which the company is built like a family tree. One person onboards three people to their team, and then when those team members bring new consultants onto their team, that initial person makes even more money. This is the tiered structure that those of us on the outside, seemingly despise.

I've gotten plenty of messages. Here are a few:

Erika Glover

Erika Glover

These gals though, if they send out 30, maybe they will get one new person who buys a starter kit, and with that, that person reaches their friend group, and the circle of exposure continues to grow, all the while, the initial person encourages sales to her consultants below her, and benefits from the support financially. There is no shame in that. It takes work to market yourself, your health, your lifestyle.

It's inspiring to see stay at home moms, college students, and full-time professionals selling these products on the side. Young people are paying off their student debts, paying off old loans, financing their dreams, and to top it all off, meeting new people and connecting with old friends through their new side hustle. Be mad all you want, but don't knock it till you try it.

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