10 Inspiring Instagram Influencers To Follow NOW

If you're anything like me and consider yourself to fall within the creative world, you know that finding inspiration is crucial and a great procrastination strategy/study break from homework. I have been itching to get out and create content, but with the last few days being absolutely dreary on campus, my motivation is at an all-time low.

In order to get that push back, it often helps me to get inspiration from some of my favorite social media creators! If you're in a creative rut, I suggest checking out some of these social media influencers. Here are my top 10 go-to creatives when I'm feeling stuck!

1. @tezzamb

Tezza absolutely amazes me with her content! From fashion to traveling to relationship goals, she's got it all. Her content is the definition of original and inspiring.

2. @jacimariesmith

Jaci first started out as a photographer at a young age. After realizing college wasn't the place for her, she decided to drop out, go her own way, and become her own boss. I've loved seeing her grow the last few years! She portrays positivity always, and not to mention, her Insta feed is GOALS.

3. @zoelaz

Zoe has a very simple and relatable style. Her content is a mix of vintage and sweet!

4. @aspynovard

I've been watching Aspyn for as long as I can remember on her YouTube channel. She is driven and self-motivated, AKA everything a woman needs to be a kickass #girlboss. From vlogs, to blogs, to running her own online clothing store, Aspyn radiates motivation and inspiration through everything she creates.

5. @oliviabynature

Olivia is a new influencer I recently stumbled upon! Her style is fresh and unique, and easily my go-to when I need that fashion inspo.

6. @tyfrench

Ty is not afraid to step outside of the box and push the limit with menswear. His playful style and dedication are portrayed through his photos and you can't help but want to be his best friend!

7. @indyblue_

Indy recently came into the influencer world. She is careless, confident, and all about that girl power.

8. @maddy.corbin

About a year ago, Maddy decided it was her time to drop out of college at 19 years old and go full-force to pursue creating and influencing. Right off the bat, she started a creative mentorship program in which is very successful. After she continued to grow and become known, her numbers started going up and her content got more creative! She shows that living in a small town still gives you so many opportunities. She doesn't let location stop her from making original, amazing content.

9. @kathbrose

I stumbled upon Kath a little over a year ago. Trust me when I say that you will fall in love with both her writing and style.

10. @monfriese

Monica's eye for design and fashion inspires me to get out of my comfort zone. She points her focus towards the dainty details and never fails to give that outfit inspiration, even in the freezing mid-west winter.

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