The 10 Types of Instagramers You Always See In Your Feed
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The 10 Types Of People Who WILL Invade Your Instagram Feed, For Better Or Worse

Which Instagrammer are you? A Finsta famous poster? An aspiring personal trainer?

The 10 Types Of People Who WILL Invade Your Instagram Feed, For Better Or Worse

All Instagrammers develop a social media personality type overtime, whether they know it or not. Do you know yours? Keep reading to find out which Instagrammer you are.

The Beauty Guru


This Instagrammer uses her page to demonstrate her favorite makeup looks and is insanely good at it. You've questioned why she doesn't have a youtube channel yet because you'd be the first to subscribe. When attempting these beauty hacks yourself, you come to discover a deep respect and envy for those who can pull off a full face of makeup on the regular.

The Self-made Brand Ambassador


From skinny teas to teeth-whitening products, these Instagrammers know how to advertise a product AND look good while doing it. They're friendly, approachable, and hold bundles of information when it comes to the product they're promoting.

The Aspiring Personal Trainer


From meal preps to daily workouts, this Instagrammer keeps his or her followers up to date on their fitness journey. What started as a desire to eat better and workout more, turned into a lifestyle focusing around body positivity and good health. Look to these Instagrammers when in need of motivation, workout tips, meal ideas, and over-all guidance into the fitness world.

The #MCM or #WCW Contributor


These Instagrammers can't get enough of their S.O and want the world to know. They are the first to post a declaration of love on Monday's and Wednesdays and write the best sentimental captions. Their partner is their ~other half~ so it only makes sense that their Insta features both of them.

The Finsta Famous Poster


Rants, drunken mistakes, self-love, and self-hate fill this Instagrammers page. Featuring their true self, Finstagrammers post unedited, unposed, and unfiltered photos, but only let a select few see the real them. It's an honor to get a request from a friends finsta account; it's a sign of trust and true friendship. You've made it, congratulations.

The Model


You're jealous. I'm jealous. We're all jealous. This Instagrammer looks good in anything and everything. In fact, outfits us peasants would look downright dreadful in, they can turn into a Fashion Week runway look. Each photo on their Instagram page looks as if it were taken by a professional photographer and came straight from Teen Vogue or Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Aesthetic Scenery Poster


Hi, Hello. National Geographic called and would like to know if they could use one of your photos in their next magazine. This Instagrammer's page is full of landscape photos, ranging from sunsets to cityscapes. You hardly ever see a photo of the Instagrammer themselves, but hey! That's what the profile pic is for.

The High School / College Athlete


This Instagrammers page is filled with highlight reels and team photos. In fact, you can't seem to find an Insta picture without them rocking their school's athletic uniform. At least you can say you knew him/her when they were first starting off as an athlete!

The "I don't care about likes" Instagrammer


This Instagrammer posts what he/she wants when he/she wants and does not care about how many likes they get. His/Her follower list consists strictly of only people they personally know, and they do not care about the number of followers they have. Prime posting hour, what's that?

The Meme Fiend


This Instagrammer is always tagging you in a funny post. It seems like every time you check your phone you have a new dm from them featuring a BuzzFeed or Worldstar video. Sure, they post photos of themselves, but to them, the true purpose of Instagram is finding that meme everyone can relate to.

Whether you're a meme fiend or a model, your role as an Instagrammer is crucial to the success of the app.

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