In years past, this is the time of year I really look forward to the most. Either it being back in middle school hoping that your bestie will be in your class, to the start of high school sports season (I'm always missing XC and golf extra this time of year), to hoping that you won't walk into the wrong class on the first few days of classes in college.

As awkward as this time may be, this is hitting me a lot harder this year. Being a now-college senior, it's kind of freaking me out that I am only down to a matter of months until I need to really step out into the "big world". I have no idea what is going to happen in the next year, and it feels like a million questions are always circling my mind like "where will I be living a year from now?" or "am I going to have a a full-time one?"

When you think about it, those who have just graduated, and those still in school, starting school in the fall is something we have always done, and kind of all we really know. Since we can remember we have been doing this same, yearly routine. I also have this weird, gut feeling that I have some sort of "impending doom" on what is going to happen to me.

I know I'm being really dramatic, but I know I am not THE ONLY one that is nervous about this. I'm sure there are people that are far out of school that still are nervous about this kind of thing. What I'm trying to tell myself that it is actually a good thing to be worried about these things, because that means that I care about my future, and where I am going to go.

Though I will still make efforts to make the best future for myself possible post-graduation, I also am going to take some deep breaths, and really reminisce this time of my life, because I know it will probably never go back to the way like it is now once I walk across that stage and receive my diploma.

Keep working hard, have a blast, and really make the most of this time. (At least that's what I will be doing).