I’m Scared Of Moving Back Home After Graduation

I’m Scared Of Moving Back Home After Graduation

Finishing college is bittersweet, and although I'm finishing up my undergrad and thinking about the next options, I have to pack up my things from my apartment to move back with my parents in South Florida.

A few months ago, I planned on traveling lavishly and freely across the globe after graduating from college. I had dreams of teaching English abroad and even potential job offers in Chicago. I was giddy with the idea of moving out of Tallahassee, on to "bigger and better," as they say. Although Tally has become my home, I looked forward to the prospect of doing something new on a bigger scale.

However, things don't usually go according to plan, and my hopes of going abroad and even changing residencies to a more interesting metropolitan city have pretty much evaporated. Instead, I find myself like many of my college-educated peers, floundering around after graduation looking for something to do and some way to start paying off these loans.

Like many other graduates, I'm looking back into education as a way to further myself: where I once thought that a bachelor's degree might be enough, I now realize that a master's degree is a strong way to really differentiate myself. When I get a master's degree, will I think a Ph.D. is the best way to get ahead? Only time can tell.

But since I don't have anything currently lined up in terms of job offers, it seems like the most responsible fiscal decision is to go home and live with my parents while I save up money. This has many benefits and many drawbacks. I won't have to pay rent, but I won't have access to a diverse and lively social group. I don't have to worry about meals, but I won't be able to bring people in and out of my place whenever I want. I'll have the wonderful company of my beautiful dog, Fifi, but won't have the freedom to leave a mess if I want to. I fear the changes that come with all of these new environmental factors, especially living under the restrictions of my parent's roof.

One thing that gives me courage, though, is knowing that it is temporary. After college, many students go back to live with their parents temporarily before moving on to those "bigger and better" things they imagined for themselves. Taking a year off of school to save up money and really get our sh*t together can be really beneficial in setting us up for long term success.

I just hope I don't get too comfortable there.

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