Hurricanes 2018-19 Basketball Report

In recent basketball news, Dewan Huell has announced that he will, in fact, return to the University of Miami for his Junior season. This is great news for the Hurricanes basketball team because they already lost star guards Lonnie Walker and Bruce Brown to the upcoming NBA Draft. With Huell returning, he will most likely retain his position in the starting lineup this upcoming season.

Dewan Huell will return to the Hurricanes lineup alongside other standout players Chris Lykes, Ebuka Izundu, Dejan Vasiljevic, and Anthony Lawrence II.

The Hurricanes will have their hands full with the ACC this season as they have one of their thinnest recruiting classes in years. For that reason, Lykes and Huell will most likely have to shoulder the scoring load for the majority of the season. It will definitely be helpful to have the experience of Vasiljevic and Lawrence. Additionally, Izundu's continued growth as a player in the post can pay off huge dividends for this squad. Izundu had many timely big games last season and should improve this season.

Here are some of the standout games from the above-mentioned players:

Chris Lykes' best games of 2017-18: vs Florida State (18 pts), vs UVA (19 pts), and @UNC (18 pts)

Ebuka Izundu's best games of 2017-18: @NC State (15 pts), @Notre Dame (14 pts & 8 rebounds), and @UNC (12 pts)

Dejan Vasiljevic's best games of 2017-18: @Florida State (20 pts), @Boston College (17 pts), and vs Virginia Tech (16 pts)

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