The weather is getting rainy, and cold viruses are spreading from person to person like it's The Night of the Living Dead. In the midst of the illnesses and blues that full-on fall brings to people, it is important to stay strong.

People need a strong immune system to fight against the cold bugs that are passed on every time a nose-miner touches a door handle without washing their hands. In the middle of fall, it also takes resilience to get out of bed in the morning knowing that there is at least a month until the holidays start.

With fall also being the election season this year, it takes patience to put up with people who have political opinions you do not agree with (It's time to block that guy on your Facebook). Now that Halloween has gone, people are likely coming down from their sugar high and looking for the motivation to keep on working through the gloomy weather, sicknesses, or crazy voters. It is that crucial time of the year to not give up and keep on fighting.

The day will come when you forget that your instructor assigned you to write notes on the history of macaroni casserole, and you have to take zero credit. You will get sick on a Monday. You will get dressed for work but much rather huddle under a blanket while wishing your fever would break and your nose would get less stuffy.

Possibly the worst of all that could go wrong, a friend of yours will call you names for having a differing political opinion. You both will argue on why the turkey was not chosen to be the national bird of the United States without convincing each other. Someone will be called a name, and the parties involved will leave feeling considerably less patriotic. Someone will be blocked on Facebook.

If something catastrophically bad does not happen, the little grievances will still take their toll. People will cut you off on the freeway. Someone will cough on you. You'll step in a puddle. Your dog will eat your tater tots.

On the strange chance that everything is going well, like if you turned in all your assignments and your boss bought doughnuts, it will still be hard to fully enjoy. Upon looking outside at the rain clouds in the overcast sky after having a good day, you'll sit and think, "Things are going too good. Something has got to give."

What makes these terrible little grievances in life okay is the fact that everyone experiences them. If you notice a guy at the gym, school, or work who seems like he has everything together, it is likely he had to walk around at some point in the last week with wet socks (I hate having to wear wet socks all day). Suffering is awful, but misery loves company. For company, you do not have to look far. And even with the odds stacked against you in the ides of November, there is still hope.

What is important when you are sick, road raged, and wearing wet socks is to not think about how upset you are. Know that anyone who stepped in a puddle or has clogged up sinuses would be miserable. Know that you are the person who has every reason to complain and be upset, but also understand that you are in charge of making your situation better.

Even when the odds are stacked against you, you can attempt to make your life easier. When you are sick and cannot get out of bed, take the time you need to rest and recover. If you missed an assignment, ask your professor if you can make it up. The wrong thing to do in these situations is put yourself in a position where you could get into an even deeper state of misery. If you have wet socks, avoid puddles.

Knowing that you are the one who makes your day better is a big deal even when it seems you cannot escape a bad day. When it seems like you cannot avoid something and it is putting you in a funk, (deadline, homework, chores) you can remove yourself from it temporarily. Take a break and watch the newest Disney movie on Netflix before writing more on the assignment about the history of macaroni sculptures. Some things are unavoidable, but everything can be procrastinated on responsibly in order to maintain a positive life.

Also, making the most out of the fall slump does not have to be done all by yourself. If you have friends, the best time to take advantage of their love is when you are laid up with a cold or when your dog ran away. When something bad happens, they can help you step in a different direction and act as someone to vent to in order to maintain sanity. Friends are there to help prevent depression and they will be the ones to bring you a pair of dry socks when you need them most.

Everyone has a bad day.

Some days are worse than others and many bad days come out of nowhere. It is important to not let the bad day win and ruin your week. Stay on top of things even when they are falling apart. When everything crumbles in life, know that you can possibly sit atop your rubble and restore it and even make the situation better. Adversity is a great creator of character. You can use negative situations for workout motivation or to give you something to strive for. I'm using my despair against wet socks and assignments about macaroni in art as inspiration to write this article. Remember when things are at their bleakest, you must look forward to the day when you are back on top with warm socks and clear sinuses.