5 Ways To De-Stress That Aren't "Do Yoga" Or "Take A Bath"
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5 Ways To De-Stress That Aren't "Do Yoga" Or "Take A Bath"

#3 isn't one I'd recommend you practice often, though.

5 Ways To De-Stress That Aren't "Do Yoga" Or "Take A Bath"

There are tons of ways to de-stress, and it seems like everyone is big on this whole self-care thing right now, which is great, however when you look up articles or ways to unwind and deal with stress, all you end up getting is "take a bath" or "do yoga" or "meditate". The truth is, though, that at the end of a long hard day sometimes we just want something to do that doesn't require any prep at all and might be a tad bit more self-indulgent than we're used to.

1. Binge watch one of your favorite shows.

This is a no-brainer. Any time I need some time to let my brain relax, I hop into bed and turn on Netflix and watch as many episodes as I want. It's probably the most effective way to stop thinking so much. Rom-Coms are also pretty great to watch when you don't want to have to focus too hard on what's happening.

2. Go stargazing.

Go for a drive or walk out into your backyard or find a place anywhere that's dark enough to see the stars and make a cozy spot with your favorite pillows and blankets and sit there until your mind is clearer. This is one of my favorite things to do and can be super relaxing. There's SO many apps and even books out there that can show you exactly what you're looking at, too!

3. Do a little retail therapy.

Sometimes this is the best way to decompress, even though it's probably the most expensive. Give yourself an amount you're "allowed" to spend and go spend an hour or two in your favorite stores.

4. Eat a ton of feel good food and don't let yourself feel bad about it.

Alright, I know that everyone is always like, "When I'm stressed I go and I exercise", but in all seriousness, sometimes that is a little bit ridiculous. Sometimes you just have to call up your friends or your mom or whoever you know will make you feel better and order two large pizzas and lava cakes and pig out. And DO NOT let yourself feel bad about it. You are fine. You are beautiful. Pizza is good.

5. Do absolutely nothing.

I am so serious. Go to your bed and wrap yourself up like a burrito and literally just lay there and stare up at the ceiling for however long you need. Leave your phone in another room if you have to. Just lay there. Maybe take a nap.

If you can't find something in this article and think that maybe yoga and a bath would help you better, that's perfectly fine, and I've written an article about other ways to de-stress and unwind that you can find here! Remember y'all, life is not that serious. We just think it is. It's actually really, really great and you get out of it what you put into it and expect. Take some time for yourself often.

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