I'm gonna be honest, it can be hard to accept the things that we want to change. Yes, I'm aware of how cheesy that this sounds like, but whether it's stress or frustration, feeling burnt out, or just some sort of block- there are ways to handle LIFE. Whoever said Karma's a bitch, meant that about LIFE. Because let's be honest, life can be a bitch.

1. Change your study space

Whether it's:

- cleaning your room

- doing some dishes

- walk to a coffee shop

- moving to a different room

- rearranging your desk

or however you want a change of space, but changing space will open your mind and allow you to hopefully see the space you're in differently.

2. Re-focus

It can be difficult to take ourselves out of the stress we're in but once done it'll make seeing things differently easier.

3. Drink some water

"Hydrate or die-drate"

4. Listen to music

Or even have your own dance party by yourself. Not sure what to listen to? Check out this list of songs that'll make you smile.

5. Exercise

Nothing's better than letting off some steam. Or even just taking a walk outside works too, the fresh air can help clear your mind.

6. Cry

I, for one, am probably not one to talk because I just don't like crying. But I do understand that it helps to just let it happen once in a while and let the emotions and tears spill over the edge.

7. Write a "to-do" list

Sometimes, it helps to just know what you need to get done and go down the list. I used to hate to do lists when they were given to me, but I've learned that they're actually beneficial.

8. Color something

My sister loves coloring books because they relieve stress. Weirdly, they stress me out because I want it to be perfect. Ironic isn't it? Because coloring is actually supposed to relax you and relieve stress.

9. Call a family member or a friend

Sometimes it's nice to just call someone and catch up or even just talk about life. Try not to rant, but talking to someone who isn't with you almost every day can be relieving.

10. Scroll through social media

Or even watch some of a favorite TV show. I love watching vines and vine compilations when I get bored or want a small break from studying and being super busy. Either way, try to limit yourself so you don't procrastinate and run out of time and stress yourself out.

11. Eat and/or drink something

I know I can be guilty of not getting food when I actually need it, but sometimes a snack can be beneficial even if we don't think that we need it. Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible because sometimes it makes stress worse.

12. Take a nap

I can't nap unless I'm almost exhausted. (trust me I hate it too) Although, It is nice to just sleep and recharge sometimes too.

13. Journal

For a while, I tried to write in a journal, but I was never very good at it. If there is such a thing. Anyway, journaling is for writing out everything you're feeling and just letting it out without having to worry about judgment from a person.

14. Light a candle

Candles go well with baths or even just sitting around taking it in and enjoying the scent.

15. Take a shower

Sometimes it's nice to just stand under the hot water and be enveloped in that moment. Baths work too if that's more your style.

16. Learn to say no to procrastination

Biggest. Problem. Right. Here.

It's hard to just see your own procrastination and say no. It can be difficult to keep doing work or whatever you're doing even when your head gets tired. Personally, this is something that I struggle with and it never seems to get any easier.

17. Do some deep breathing or try some yoga

18. Look at your pictures

I have a wall of pictures above my desk dedicated to pictures that bring me happy memories so I can look up at them and remember some laughs or other memories that I treasure. I'm a memories person. I know that sounds weird, but I really love just looking back on good memories and times because it makes me smile and I can remember times where I was happy amidst the stress.