When I was twelve-years-old, I decided for myself that it was time for me to get my first bra. My mother was extremely hesitant on taking me to Victoria’s Secret for my first bra fitting. After all, I was more flat-chested than my male classmates. My twelve-year-old mind was dreaming of the legendary Victoria’s Secret Angels. I thought that buying one of their gorgeous, lace, push-up bras would make me as beautiful as they are. I was wrong.

The lady at the store measured my size and came back with ten different nude bras all in their smallest size, 32A. I tried the first bra on only to be mortified how I looked in the mirror. I looked nothing like the Angels on the runway. The band was hooked on the last set of hooks, the wires sat on top of my breasts, and the cup gap was far too large. It was the smallest size! How could it have not fit?

I have shallow boobs with a wide root. What does this mean? There are two types of breast fullness, shallow or projected. Projected breast are what you normally think of breast, full, round, and a handful. Shallow breast means that the root of your breast is wide spread across the chest. I found in my perfect bra hunt that a majority of the bras made are made for women with projected breast. What I need were bras that sat correctly on my ribcage and shallower cups. I found the most idea style bras were plunge and balconette bras. These style bra cups generally are made to leave the upper part of your chest uncovered. An example of a plunge bra for shallow breast is the Natori Feathers Contour Plunge. The bra is cut leaving the area between the breasts open.

As your body changes constantly, your breasts do too. The search for the best fitting bra continues….