How To Be In Love 28 Years Later
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How To Be In Love 28 Years Later

The things my biggest role model has taught me

How To Be In Love 28 Years Later
Photo by: Gabriella Hoffman

Ann Hoffman is always on the move, even if she is tardy, she gets a heck of a lot of a done and is darn good at it. My mother is the greatest role model, best friend and cooking mate. She has taught me countless things; this is a list of those things most unique.

Never Go Anywhere Without Tennis Shoes

She is never without her tennis shoes, whether we are close to home, up north or on vacation, my mom will also suggest a hearty walk to get our exercise. We all know physical activity is very important in life, my mom preaches to that daily in her profession. Her passions have influenced me in the best way possible, as I now joined her gym full-time and I couldn't be happier that we share this passion. Aside from the gym, my mom has taught me how great you feel after just taking a walk and getting fresh air, our lives are busy like everyone else and sometimes the gym doesn't fit into our schedules on a particular day, so we plan to take a long walk together as a compromise.

Put Your Phone Away

Savor the moment; I am always working at this. It is challenging for me, I will be the first to admit. This is most important, I believe as I savor time and conversation with the elders of my family. It is important to understand why my mom is saying that and how much it means to those I am with to give them full attention away from my phone.

All Foods Fit In Moderation

After perfecting the art of being a dietitian for twenty plus years, my mom knows quite a bit about healthy eating. Some of our favorite moments together involve her famous motto: all foods fit in moderation. And yes this applies to ice cream, peanut butter straight out of the jar and cake batter. The amount of times we have shared a laugh in the kitchen as we ate cake batter, make the calories not even count, but the memories all that matter.

You Can Make A Great Dinner with Just a Box of Noodles

My mom is a huge support of family dinners, without our phones at the table of course. She is also famous for throwing a delicious dinner together in under twenty minutes. She never hesitates to invite friends and extending family over, even with limited groceries in the house and magically the meal is great. A box of noodles is her specialty. I appreciate this about my mom, I too value cooking for guests and enjoying meals together.

How To Be In Love 28 Years Later

Three years ago I was giving the honor to host a surprise 25th Wedding Anniversary party for my parents. It was humbling to witness their blessing at Mass and to see their faces as members of their wedding party arrived at a complete shock to them. I was in awe and still am, as I realize my parents are still in love 28 years later, that's a long time. I hope for nothing less for myself and I pray on it daily. With the rate of divorce where it is today, I am so proud for my parents. My mom will often say to me, how much she is still in love with my dad, it brings a tear to my eye. I am blessed to have learned and loved this couple to bring me up in such a loving family.

Learn from your mom, and be your best beautiful self.

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