I am an open book. The one out of the group who doesn't mind opening up to her friends about anything. I enjoy telling my best friends some of my deepest darkest secrets, but one thing I do not like is expressing my feelings to a guy.

Yes, I know. How can I be 21-years-old but cannot express my feelings to a guy? How can I open up to my friends about things, but cannot tell a guy that I like him? Let's just jump right into the story.

This guy just blew my mind. It wasn't all his looks that made me weak, it was actually his demeanor, intellect, and critiques that got me all fuzzy inside. Telling someone your feelings is never easy, especially if you do not know if they like you back. There's no time for games with guys though, they do not understand women and the hints that we give to them.

That was my biggest problem with "shooting my shot" with a guy. Shooting your shot with a guy means you're letting him know that you have an interest in him. It sounds small, but of course, it's way harder to admit your feelings for someone to their face.

Ladies, be bold.


The only way that he will get that sign to know you like him is if you tell him. Most guys are very oblivious to things and signals, so you cannot give hints and gestures to let them know that you like them. Be bold. Tell him how you feel, it may not be mutual, but at least you went out with a bang. Don't get discouraged if it doesn't work out, you took the opportunity to release a deep feeling.

Shoot your shot.


When shooting your shot, you have to have confidence. Build up your confidence first and then shoot it with him. Straight to the point is how you must shoot. My guy friends express that they prefer for women to tell them straight up about their feelings and intentions, instead of the guy always being the one to initiate every little pursuit. Don't be aggressive or weird, just naturally say what's up and leave it at that, ladies.

Social media shooting.


You can shoot your shot through social media via Twitter direct message or Instagram, but it's better if you do it in person. I know, you have to have guts to tell him to his face, but we are old enough to speak on how we will. Don't let social media restrict you from a potential relationship or friendship with someone. Also, in person expressions is better because you can read his response better than a social media response. You'll know if he is feeling you or not based upon his demeanor.

Ladies, I've failed twice at shooting my shot, but it's okay. I've learned to be bolder with my feelings instead of keeping them inside, which doesn't help anyone at all. You cannot control your feelings for someone, so you might as well let them flow away.