In the movie "Unguarded", the main character Chris Herren is portrayed as a basketball player who also a drug addict. As the movie continues, we watch how Chris's basketball career slips through his hands and disappears as fast as it appeared once drugs enter his life. Not only do we watch the disheartening downfall of his career, but we also get to witness the worsening of the main character's mental health, physical health, drug use, and impacts on his family; a whole list of side effects that don't appear on the backs on painkillers and prescription drugs. However, Chris manages to change his habits for the better and redeems himself, realizing that drugs have taken a toll on his health and further pushed him away from the people he loves. In addition to his realization, he would not have been able to reclaim his life without the consistent support he had from his wife and family. Although Chris did put his family through a lot while fighting a battle of his own, his wife knew that deep down Chris did love and care his family; he was just facing a hard time in his life choosing whether or not to make the right decisions. At the end of the film, we see Chris as a changed person who has been sober for 8 years and has never been happier. Since he has definitely overcome his drug addiction to become a better father and husband, his wife should forgive and have faith in him as she understands that it wasn't easy for him to leave his addiction behind. Now, Chris Herren is a motivational speaker who influences others not to make the chooses that he once made in his early life.