How My Faith Has Helped Me
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How My Faith Has Helped Me

Through God we can do anything.

How My Faith Has Helped Me

As a college student and as a human being, there are various battles I fight every day. It is not easy to continue with your daily lifestyle, or your life in general, without stopping once in a while to think about your actions and who you are as a person.

Thankfully, I have a supporting family to fall back on when I am lost, need advice or just a laugh every now and then. Over the years, we have learned to be supportive and accepting toward one another, but most importantly, to put God as our number one priority.

It's not always easy to do the right thing, to act according to God's way because let's be real, we are human beings who make mistakes, and as a 20-year-old, I still don't know how to adult right. However, I try to keep in mind that everyone is always watching you, whether it is your own family members, friends, strangers or haters; people constantly want to see you fail.

For many years, I was lost. I knew what I believed in, but looking back, I know that it was mostly what my family believed, and I just sort of tagged along. I never truly understood why we had to go to church, why I had to attend Sunday school and why I needed to get confirmed. I even got startled when I learned that after getting confirmed, I was set to get married in the eyes of the Church. (It didn't mean I could literally get married at 16.)

As I grew older, I began observing our church friends and how our everyday life revolved around God or the Church in a way, whether it was participating in events, church ministries or decorating the church for special holidays. I still didn't understand why I needed to dedicate, at most, five days of my week to the Church.

Slowly, I started realizing it wasn't the Church, it was God and my faith that was saving me one step at a time. When it was time to decide which college to attend, God was looking out for me, so I got a really good scholarship. When I moved in for the first time, I was able to find great people along the way to help me. When it came to my mom, God was looking out for her while I was away. My faith in God has kept me on my toes.

My faith in God has helped me stay healthy, always being able to work and save money for college, He has protected me under many circumstances, He has kept my family and friends safe all the time, He has helped filter out people I don't need in my life and never has He left me alone.

Through prayer and believing in God, I have found myself blessed every day for everything I have and I don't have. Through God, we can do anything.

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