​I’m The Girl Who Can Only Learn From Her Mistakes, And Even Then…​

A lot of people say that I fall too fast or get attached too easily. I'm sorry, but I didn't realize there were any rules to love or a chance of it anyway. I don't like to waste time or play games, but when you live in the world that we live in today, you realize this is the norm.

If you're not stringing someone along or getting played yourself, it is considered old-fashioned or being too clingy. I have made the mistake of being so naive and believing in people that I shouldn't have and I can only learn from those mistakes if I make them myself.

Even then, I don't learn. I see the good in people, not by choice. It's just something that I do, that I was born doing. I fall into the same trap over and over again, but one day, there will be someone who makes me grateful that I am so naive and that I fall too fast.

They will appreciate all the people who have come before because although they hurt me, they will have taught me to appreciate others who treat me right more than anything else.

So don't be afraid of how easily you fall for someone. Don't block everyone out because you're afraid of getting hurt again. You never know, the person you are blocking out might just be who you need to let in.

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