How I'm Getting To The Moon
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How I'm Getting To The Moon

If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough.

How I'm Getting To The Moon

"The point never was achieving the dream — it was having one, and pouring everything into it." - Dance Academy

Although I may have exaggerated a bit in the title, I still refuse to believe that farfetched and outrageous dreams cannot be attained. Here's the thing: every day somebody wins the lottery, somebody travels the world on a whim, somebody scores their dream job, competing against thousands.

Men have landed on the moon, individuals have become Olympic gold medalists, and passionate artists have become successful ones. No matter how unlikely the odds may appear, there is an individual who is going to be that one-in-a-million, even if they believe their likelihood of winning is as slim as yours.

There is no harm in dreaming. Even if we cannot fly to the moon or save the world, we can feel passion and excitement from working towards our aspirations. If you have the ability to dream it and believe in your potential, it can truly be a reality. Maybe we won't all become famous musicians or wind up publishing glorious novels. Perhaps instead we will fall in love with a song that we write in spite of it not hitting the billboard. Maybe we'll write novels for the sake of writing and feel grateful that our dream of becoming a novelist inspired us to create the works we did.

Every decision that we make, no matter how slight, has had a significant impact on our world. Running back into our house to find our keys, and then being late to wherever we were going could result in us meeting the love of our lives. There is also the possibility that our best ideas will come from a slight alteration in timing. Perhaps if we hadn't signed up for a certain class that was taken on impulse we wouldn't have found another love we have of some other subject. Continue to look forward to your tomorrows while appreciating where you are. After all, anything can happen.

There is hope and excitement and wonder in not knowing. We follow an unpredictable road filled with turns and sometimes even hitting a dead end leads us to a better path. Getting lost enables us to continue our search and discover something more. Our dreams can be used as fuel for us to stay alive and look forward to the rest of the journey. There are no finish lines; there is no point of completion that humans reach. All of us are simply roaming aimlessly in an attempt to find our way. We grow and grow whether it is through setbacks or goals reached. There is no specific destination that exists or fate that says our path must lead us to one place. This means that there are no wrong turns. Find peace in what cannot be foreseen. Even patterns can be broken in this life that we lead.

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