The holidays are some of the best time to grow closer with a significant other. There are plenty of things to do from sitting at home watching a movie to trying your best to ice skate.

1. Build A Gingerbread House

Building gingerbread houses have been my favorite thing to during the holidays and it can be something to do with another person. You can either make one together or do a competition who can make the best one.

2. Ride Around And Look At Lights

Every town has that one house that always goes full out on the Christmas lights. Hop in your car and drive around.

3. Decorate Your Own House With Lights

You can always go to the story and get some lights and hang them on your own house. The feeling when you are done and your house looks awesome will be worth all the hard work.

4. Make Christmas Candles

Candles go hand and hand with Christmas but they can sometimes get expensive. You can always make your own with some wax and scents. It is a cute handmade touch to any home.

5. Decorate Your Christmas Tree Together

I know this may seem boring but it is a classic holiday tradition.

6. Have A Christmas Photoshoot

Get all dolled up and make some memories that will last forever.

7. Drink Eggnog and Watch Christmas Movies

Eggnog is super easy to make and goes perfectly with Christmas Movies.

8. Go Ice skating

It can either go really well or really bad. Depends on if you know how to skate or not but even if you don't it can make a laugh.

9. Make A Festive Pie

Pumpkin, chocolate, pecan, turtle, any type of pie you can think of.

10. Go Black Friday Shopping

Going Black Friday shopping is one of my favorite things to do over the holidays because there are some amazing deals. It is easier to fight the lines with two people instead of one.