Here's How I See It, But Maybe That's Just Me

My name comes from an Irish origin that represents courtesy. A name marked by respect for and consideration of others. A name that fits me well, considering I constantly find myself begging on my knees before the people that I love, to love me back.

I am the person that obsesses over the rain and the tranquil sounds it makes beating against my bedroom window. The kind of person that gets hope when the sky cries; someone who sees a companion in the clouds on days when my cheeks are just as wet as the ground beneath me. I am someone that rises with the sun and falls with the moon. The type of person that moves with the wind that kisses her skin and dances to the songs sung by the birds.

I am a firm believer that the word 'should' is just something we use to fill in the hurt. I believe things are what they are, we feel what we feel, and no one has the right to tell us how it 'should' be. I like to imagine how deep emotions run through our veins; how no amount of pain or pleasure has ever bled us dry even though we swore to it.

I am fascinated by clocks and this thing we call time. How it has a really funny way of healing everything that was once broken but sometimes our clocks batteries die or the time changes and sets us back. I have to remind myself that not everyone ticks at the same time and it is okay if my beat sounds a little bit different from yours.

I hate how having a hand to hold does not exactly mean you will not fall. Sometimes the people we never expect to let go do and all of a sudden you find yourself with no safety net, an empty hand, and the ground has never looked so hard. It makes no sense to me why people continue to make promises considering we all know they are more like temporary gestures. I hate how sadness creeps up on you like an unwanted guest and of course they never leave until they are sure and ready to go.

I am the person that answers questions like "How are you?" truthfully. The person that has learned to laugh until she cries, cry until she laughs, and ride the waves through life even when they feel more like a tsunami. I love how crazy different we are, how we live, and how we all take it all in; but maybe that is just who I am.


The Courteous Girl

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