How I Jump-Started My Healthy Lifestyle With Herbalife

Maybe you are a college student engrossed in the daily wear and tear your body is put through due to lack of sleep, exercise and healthy food choices. Or, maybe you are a full-time parent, employee, or just need an energy boost! A lot of people are trying to make a transformation to a healthier lifestyle but are not aware of how to kick start their new life. Here is how I transformed my life.

My Story

Above is Chelsea, my coach and best friend.

Coming into my freshman year at Olivet College I gained that “Freshman 15” that I always told myself that I would never put on. A year later I found out a health coach worked as our assistant strength and conditioning coach. Her name was Chelsea. I had seen one of my friends’ results from talking with Chelsea and had amazing results. I am very picky about what I eat especially when it comes to healthy food. I talked to Chelsea and decided to give a nutrition program of Herbalife products a try with my roommate at the time, Kelsey. Within the 31 days I had lost 10 pounds and put on five pounds of muscle. I was ecstatic about my results and saw how much Chelsea loved helping me and Kelsey throughout the 31 days. I have been always interested in helping others with their health but I never knew how I could help. Chelsea had mention to me about a business opportunity with the company Herbalife.

A year later I have learned so much from Chelsea and the Herbalife Organization. I love what I do and love helping people get to a healthy lifestyle. I have been taking the products for the past year and I feel in amazing shape and I am always looking to make myself better through mental and physical appearances.

What is Herbalife?

Herbalife is a global nutrition company that is in 94 countries. We are the number one nutrition company in the world based off of retail sales! Herbalife works on an 80/20/100 system. Eighty percent nutrition, 20 percent fitness and 100 percent mindset? Herbalife nutrition and clean eating is the 80 percent, while you will have to put in the other 20 percent. And we both sum it up with the 100 percent mindset on your goals!

My job as a health coach/college student is to work one on one with an individual to help achieve their personal goals. After we talk about your goals and what you are having a “problem” with, I come up with a program of products that I feel would work best for you!

One of our main products is our Healthy Meal Shakes.You take a shake (or two, depending on your goals) a day as a meal replacement. So instead of breakfast, for example, you drink a shake. We also have vitamins that I pick out to suit your needs. We have vitamins that stimulate your metabolism to vitamins that helps break down the proteins you digest. The programs are for 31 days and people lost a lot of weight if they stay committed and workout.We have programs to help you achieve anything, gaining muscle, losing weight, or to maintain a weight! To our athletes: All products are NCAA certified! There is a business opportunity for anyone who is willing to help others get to a healthy lifestyle. I will teach you all I know and be there for you anytime! I strongly encourage you to get started with a 31-day program!

As I mentioned earlier, Herbalife has helped me achieve my personal fitness and health-related goals and has also been a great way for me to make extra income as a full-time college student. I was able to shred my "Freshman 15" and continue to walk away with amazing results. I wouldn't trade this for the world.

How to get a hold of me?

Instagram: healthcoachmorgan

Facebook: Morgan Romancky


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