Have you ever had that friend who is literally so negative? Like no matter what you say or do, there’s always a problem? Yeah, I’m making a pact with myself for spring term of college this year. I’m canceling anyone who behaves like this.

I know you all know the person I’m talking about. These are the people who find flaws with everyone and everything. “Yeah! Yesterday was so much fun, except for…” “She is honestly so cool, but she kind of…” “I can’t wait to go to Europe this summer, it just sucks that…” Hey, stop that. It’s super lame!

There’s nothing more frustrating in the entire world than when someone points out the flaws with everything you’re excited about or with people who you have a good time spending time with. First of all, regardless of whether or not you agree, you can never “unsee” what they pointed out. Sometimes, it’s just the little stuff too, just so they can bring on the negative mindset. “Oh yeah, Sally is hilarious, but doesn’t it bother you that she breathes so loudly?” Well, uh, it didn’t before RIGHT NOW.

I know this sounds like a negative rant so far, but I really don’t mean it to. I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is more fun when you overlook the little issues with people, places, and activities. I’ve experienced people who have deterred me from getting involved with the organizations I’m a part of because it’s hard work, I’ve had people try and change my excited mentality to go to my sorority events because themes are “lame,” and I’ve had people convince me not to try new food or restaurants because they already went and it just wasn’t up to their standards. What’s the point? Why not let me have my own experiences?

Spring term at Oregon is by far the most fun term, and every Duck knows it. I want to go back to school and experience that. I want to live every experience to the fullest, and I want to surround myself with people who feel the same. Winter term was long and unforgiving, and I’m going into this next term with a new mindset. I have no room for negativity anymore.