On the morning of February 12th, 2017 I began the first year of my 30s. A new decade, a new chapter of my life to explore the endless possibilities that life will offer me. What a blessing. What a time to be thankful and grateful for living through my 20s and being able to stand tall after all the mistakes I've made. I've accomplished much as well. I won't be selling myself short for sure.

Over the past 12 months, I've thought of what it would feel like to be 30. Would I feel older? Would I look in the mirror and notice a barely visible fine line? Nope, it's been a little over a week since I made the transition from my 20s, and I can say nothing physically has changed. I have the same beautiful smile, dimples, hair that kinks tightly. There are a few extra beauty marks on my neck and chest. They are hereditary. Just a sign of familial beauty.

One thing that is different now is my intent on living fully. I've dropped a significant amount of focus on other people and situations I cannot control. Every now and then, I get off track. I am only human. But I've made it a priority to be aware of this. When it happens I forgive myself and get back on track quickly. For a long time, I felt guilty or selfish for desiring certain things for myself. Unfortunately, women are often saddled with the burden of caring for and giving to everyone but themselves. But for me, now I am unapologetic for what I want and who I am becoming. My accomplishments mean something whether big or small. I celebrate my strength.

It's okay not to have all the answers. No one knows everything, and if they claim to know, they're full of horse manure. It's easy to be bitter about past mistakes. I could claim that to be the reason that I do not have everything I want now. But it would benefit me more to redirect that energy into getting me the life my heart desires.

I am committed to constantly moving. Visiting a new museum, seeing a new show, writing new content. I will take the first step towards achieving new feats, even if I cannot see the whole staircase. I see the beauty of my life and accept that it is great compared to others with similar circumstances and characteristics. There is just enough space to be whoever I want to be.

The small things in life are really priceless. Time spent with special people transcends time itself. Thirty felt old only because literally 100% of my life has been as a young person. Life begins at 30. Everything before was trial and error. Chin up, shoulders back.