​'Hamilton' Lyrics To Get You, Sir, Through Finals Week
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7 Motivational ​'Hamilton' Lyrics To Get You, Sir, Through Finals Week

Your biology exam might not be the Battle of Yorktown, but these quotes can help you stay motivated to get through it.

lin manuel miranda in hamilton on broadway

Alright, yes, I'm basic, but "Hamilton" is a fantastic musical and the soundtrack has gotten me through many emotional roller coasters. Lin-Manuel Miranda has made me ready to start a revolution, laugh, and cry all at the same time. Not only was it a diverse cast, it transformed a story that would normally make me fall asleep into relatable content, making the musical masterpiece of this decade (in my opinion).

So with the horrors of finals approaching, I urge you to listen to this soundtrack to amp you up, bring you down, or get you ready to kick some butt.

Here are my seven favorite quotes that help me get through these tough times even though I'm not dumping tea into the harbor but studying for organic chemistry.

1. "History has its eyes on you." — George Washington, "Non-Stop"

Not to be dramatic, but it does. Even if you believe that what you do won't affect history and your life will be meaningless in 100 years, everything you do today will impact what you become. Going to the library and studying, getting that A may impress your professor which might lead to an internship that then leads to a job where you meet the love of your life and none of that will be possible if you don't get to the library and study, even if those episodes of "Bob's Burgers" are calling.

2. "Talk less, smile more. Don't let them know what you're against or what you're for!" — Aaron Burr, "Election of 1800"

I use this one to basically shut myself off from complaining about studying and actually get it done. I've been known to complain about grades, exams and classes quite a bit, so maybe if I sit down and shut up, it'll help me focus.

3. "We rise and we fall and we break and we make our mistakes." — Aaron Burr, "Wait For It"

I mainly tell myself this when I fall asleep in the third floor cubby when I should have been doing problems. Remember self-care is almost as important as finals.

4. "I wrote my way out of hell. I wrote my way to revolution. I was louder than the crack in the bell." — Alexander Hamilton, "Hurricane"

This one gets me through those mandatory essays and group projects that I hate. Actually, this whole song is one giant hype up, catch me using it as a walkout song.

5. "You want a revolution, I want a revelation." — Angelica Schuyler, "The Schuyler Sisters"

A good song to keep you going. But this is me, searching for my last 2 brain cells to remember what Oxygen is.

6. "If you see him in the street, walking by himself, talking to himself, have pity." — "It's Quiet Uptown"

If you see me crying to myself, please take pity. Finals are the time for us to bind together as a student body, help homies out. Just take pity on anybody doing anything during finals week, please and thank you.

7. "I am not throwing away my shot." — Alexander Hamilton, "My Shot"

Last but not least, the ultimate quote and song for finals. When you're three coffees in but the final replaces your lowest exam or you're four points from an A and the final is make or break, "Lawrence, do not throw away your shot".

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