27 Movies To Get Your Spook On With This Month
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27 Movies To Get Your Spook On With This Month

It is time to embrace all the spookiness October has to offer.

27 Movies To Get Your Spook On With This Month

It is officially October so you know what that means, HALLOWEEN! These are must watch Halloween movies to get you and your family in the right spirit, full of spookiness. Each movie has their own spooky aspect to help make the Halloween season last all month long, maybe even longer.

These classic movies are perfect for family movie night and can be watched all fall long.

Hocus Pocus 


A disbelieving teenager named Max accidentally releases three evil witches on Halloween night. These 3 witches will get you right in the Halloween spirit.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 


Another Tim Burton creation makes the list. Finally, we know what happens when you mix the two biggest holidays of the year together. He is literally the King of Halloween it doesn't get more Halloween than that.



A family of ghosts realizes that living people have moved into their house, so they hire the terrifying Beetlejuice to scare the living away. Unfortunately, Beetlejuice has other plans.

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


Linus from Peanuts holds an all-night vigil to see the Great Pumpkin. Pumpkin carving is a classic Halloween tradition, so who wouldn't want to watch a movie about a giant, magical pumpkin?



A team of scientists becomes "Ghostbusters" to fight off the ghost population in New York City. They eventually find a portal to another dimension and must save the city from an evil creature, Gozer.



Marnie Piper and her siblings discover their grandmother is a witch who lives in a fantasy world called Halloweentown. They venture around and discover a plot that endangers their own world.

Corpse Bride


A young man who accidentally marries a dead woman on his wedding day instead of his fiancée, and he must find a way to return to the Land of the Living before it's too late. It is a Tim Burton Movie it doesn't get any more creepy than that.

Casper the Friendly Ghost


Casper the friendly ghost helps a man and his daughter track down the ghost of the man's wife. In the process, Casper falls in love with the daughter and tries to bring himself back to life. Ghosts and Halloween go hand in hand right?

Monster House


When three friends discover that their neighbor's house is a living, breathing monster, they have to figure out how to stop it before the neighborhood goes to hell.

Halloweentown High


The kids in Halloweentown want to go to school in the real world where they can hang out with kids their own age, so Marnie convinces her grandmother to help, but the stakes are high.

Return To Halloweentown 


After high school comes ... you guessed it ... college. Watch Marnie go against her mother's wishes again, but this time it involves her going to college at Halloweentown instead of the real world.

Any Scooby-Doo Movie 


They literally hunt down monsters, it doesn't get more spooky than that.

The Addams Family


This film details the lives of the spooky Addams clan as they try to determine whether a member of the family, Fester, is actually who he says he is.



A young boy, Elliot, finds an alien stranded on Earth and names him "E.T." The two form a special connection, and Elliot must help his new friend get home without government interference. Who doesn't want to watch a movie about an alien?

Hotel Transylvania 


Drama and hilarity ensues when a human discovers Dracula's faraway resort for monsters and other mythical creatures.

Monsters Inc.


It is about monsters. Literally all about monsters and a little girl named Boo. Boo is the ultimate Halloween saying, it doesn't get more Halloween than that.

The Little Vampire 


After moving to a castle in Scotland with his parents, Tony makes a few new friends — a family of vampires. It's up to this young boy to save them from a vicious vampire hunter and help them become humans again.



A young Victor Frankenstein is devastated when his beloved dog Sparky dies. To solve this problem, he finds a way to electrically resurrect him. Victor's classmates find out his secret and try to resurrect other animals, but that has scary consequences.



A neglected young girl named Coraline discovers she can enter another world filled with fun and excitement. She soon learns that this world has a dark side, though, and must fight to escape it.



A teenage boy named Zach sets out to help the daughter of the author of the books, R.L. Stine, after his imaginary creatures are set loose on their small town.

The Haunted Mansion


A family of four stuck at a haunted mansion, where they must help a team of ghosts break an old curse. Plus Eddie Murphy will have you laughing the whole time.



A misunderstood boy named Norman who struggles to make friends, and when he finally does, they're paranormal. He and his new buds team up to fight the monsters in their town and save the adults from a curse.

Double, Double, Toil & Trouble 


Go for a trip down nostalgia lane with this movie where the twins set out to save their parents from their aunt and meet magical friends along the way.



Though it's not technically a Halloween flick, this film based on Roald Dahl's classic book has all the magic you'll need to ring in the holiday (not to mention some creepy twists and turns).

Twitches and of course Twitches 2


It's your classic separated-at-birth story, featuring everyone's favorite twin sisters, Tia and Tamera Mowry. The twist here? They both have supernatural powers and must discover that they are, of course, stronger together.

Edward Scissorhands 


It's a cult classic for a reason. Johnny Depp's role as the lovable underdog will earn your heart every time.



Don't be fooled by these cute guys they are notorious for being chaos.

I hope you enjoy these classics and they help get you in the perfect spooky spirit!

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