Growing Up In A Gym Made You Do It

If you grew up in the gym life, you can relate to most of these.

1. You'll learn to live the low-carb life

Anything above 15 grams of sugar probably belongs on my cheat day. You'll also feel judged ordering a burger and not eating the bun.

2. The big 4 in Biochemistry was actually interesting

Freshman year, my professor said carbs, proteins, lipids (fats), and amino acids. I think that was the only exam I passed in her class.

3. You'll own 57 blender bottles

And they all smell like old protein shake after the first use.

4. Tupperware is an essential

Meal prep Sunday, am I right? Sadly, you know they don't last long because you'll leave them in your car for a few days (or weeks) and throw them out..

5. You get tired of drinking water

Crystal Light, Mio, or Powerade Zero is somewhere in one of your bags.

6. You'll use the gym as therapy

It's honestly the best anger management there is.

7. You'll wonder how skinny women drink sugar loaded coffee

While you're holding your non-fat, sugar-free vanilla iced coffee, add almond milk.

8. You also wonder how they can eat two bites and be full...?

Because we all know that workouts suck, but we get excited about how much more we can eat after a two hundred cal burn fest.

9. We know how to get ready on the fly

We can make ponytails perfect for the gym or cute for the night out. We're also okay with going somewhere with less makeup.

10. Gym clothes are your casual clothes

You have a Pinterest board for workout clothes and half of your casual board is Lulu Lemon and Adidas too. Leggings ARE pants and you'll wonder where crop tops are acceptable to wear.

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