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I Put Guys In The Hot Seat To Ask Them These 8 Questions About The Talking Stage

How significant are the good morning/night texts?

I Put Guys In The Hot Seat To Ask Them These 8 Questions About The Talking Stage

It's Week 2 of February's Love Series ALL from Guy's Perspective's! This week guys were put in the hot seat about your QTNA from IG about "The Talking Stage".

What is the 'talking stage' exactly? For those that aren't familiar with the term, I would define it as the 'getting to know each other' stage in a relationship. One great answer, from my perception, from one of the guys was there it's an attempt to be the modern day version of 'going steady'.

1. Define "talking"


The average answer consists of a mutual interest in each other but the answers varied in what the rules are. Some say that you just 'text them more than the others and maybe ft them a little more'.

My favorite answer was that talking is the "Modern-day of what 'going steady' used to be. But we've made it into when you're talking, there's no written down obligations or expectations. They're all assumptions and you just gotta pray that y'all have the same ones."

2. What is the best way to approach a female?


A. Try to be natural and friendly

B. Flirt/Ask for her number

C. Send a friend over to her

D. DM her on social media

Everyone voted for A which is my favorite answer! What would you say is the best way to approach you?

3. What's worse: rejection or failure?


The winning answer was Failure.

Most guys expressed that everyone is bound to be rejected in some way in life but the real hurt comes from things not working out.

This answer stood out the most to me:

"Failure. if you have a crush on someone you don't know and you get to know them and they're the total opposite of what you thought, you'll be disappointed. Everyone gets rejected. I know a lot of guys scared of being rejected. I know guys that would play a girl before they get rejected".

4. What things are you looking for during the talking stage/getting to know each other stage to tell you that you want to move onto something more serious?


There was a very, wide range of answers for this one.

The ones that stood out the most to me:

"Respect my schedule, is it manageable? Do I want to deal with that? Are you cool? Can I chill with you? are you terribly annoying?"

"passion, communication skills, sense of humor"

This was my favorite answer:

"Is this something I care about? What is this going to do for me? Is this a match? Do we have things in common, do we care about the same things? How do you affect me?"

This guy started diving into the fact that we all have issues but what type of issues are we willing to deal with?

5. Are you more or less likely to want more from a female if y'all have sex during the getting to know each other stage? And why?


Everyone was very cautious about this question. The guys common perspective on it was that it depends on what else the individual has to offer. Most expressed that they would continue on to something more serious if there was a connection there. Sex couldn't be the only thing offered.

This was my favorite answer lol:

"Sex + consistency = Yes. Sex - consistency = Hard No."

6. How long does it usually take for you to know you like a girl on average?


Soooooo sis the answers ranged from 'within the first conversation' to 'a week' to '6 months +'. This one depends on the person.

My favorite answer:

"6 months + because we're usually friends first"

7. What do you have no right to do during the talking stage? What's appropriate and what's inappropriate?


The general answer was surprisingly leaning towards being exclusive and mirroring the same rules as dating. Some guys had "no f***ing" rules but overall, the guys believed it should almost be as if you were dating exclusively.

Answers that stood out to me:

"To tell them to do something. No one has control over anybody if there is a ring or not. You can advise. Not even that, you can let them know how you feel".

My favorite answers:

"whatever the female allows"

"I don't have the right to be territorial or beg of your time because talking is two people there voluntarily being exclusive."

8. What is the best way to SHOW HER you want her to be yours?


A. Ask her on a date

B. Start calling her your girlfriend

C. Post her on social media

D. Call her everyday

The TOP answer was: A.

My favorite answer:

One guy argued that D would be the best because females love consistency. After we see that a guy is consistent with us calling every day and really interested in our company, the rest of the answer choices will come.

After this article, there are TWO MORE to look forward to in this month's series about Love!

But, Ladies, How did the guys do?

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