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I Asked Guys Your QTNA About Love

Guys seriously enjoy when we were their clothes

I Asked Guys Your QTNA About Love

I asked girls on Instagram some QTNA about Love for February's Love Series and they will all be from the male perspective! I interviewed 10 guys and surveyed guys on IG about the questions and these are the answers!

1. What is the cutest thing girls do?


This question really stumped guys trying to think of the little things they see us do that they like. The winner was :

"wearing our clothes!"

There were a few surprise confessions like being very direct with complimenting them and self-composure. Some of the guys loved to see how we know when there is a time and place for certain behavior.

2. What is the cutest thing your girl can do for YOU?


There were some very cute answers like 'making me laugh' and 'the way girls know how to pick us up when we're down' but the winner was:

100% Support!

Guys mainly rooted for their girl being their #1 Fan!

3. If he asks me for nudes, is he taking me seriously? Would he take me seriously (in the future)?


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but from an IG Poll AND the face-to-face interviews all voted:

"Lol Nahh"

But maybe this is good thing for the women that don't want anything too serious!

4. Do you believe in soul ties?

This is actually a great reenactment of the reaction from asking this question lol


The winning answer was: No

The topic of soul ties has always been controversial especially within Christianity. People often argue about if you have some sort of connection with anyone that you've been intimate with. The argument is about how when you lay down with someone that you're opening your soul up to them. Soul ties can also happen in friendships. The pattern I've seen in what 'soul ties' are has been about the impact someone has on you that you're close to or have been intimate with.

Some guys believe in it in a spiritual sense but not a physical sense. Some have never experienced this and had no clue what I was talking about.

5. Do you put thought into every message that you send a girl?


This question was split 50/50 between a lot of "hell no's" and "yes's".

6. On a scale of 1-10, how seriously do you take the girl's that you pursue through social media vs the girl's you approach in person?


There was a lot of confusion and laughing at this question but most of the guys said:

They don't take the girls as seriously that they DM on social media. The typical answer is that they

Some unique answers consisted of 'it depends' and 'how serious the female makes me take her'.

7. How do you know she's the one you want/one for you?


These answers were about personal values and here a few unique comments/answers from the list:

- communications skills

-confidence, her own aspirations, impactful,

-certain aura

-educated, able to hold conversation about topics excluding media and nightlife



-athleticism; active


-"you don't."

-"We go out of our way to make time for each other"

8. What is the most unattractive thing a girl can do?


The winning answer was not being clean.

Other popular answers included women that aren't self sufficient, ugly personality, insecurity and no self respect

9. What do you pay attention to, if anything, during sex?


The TOP answer was: Moaning/Feedback

Guys also shared they care more about enthusiasm and connection when they're having sex with the girl they like.

10. Best and Worst traits about women?


(Best Trait) The winning answer: Our emotional intelligence/Nurturing.

The guys said they loved the way that we know how to pick them up when they're down and punching walls.

(Worst Trait): The winning answer: Jumping to conclusions/ Assuming

On the bright side, guys got pretty stumped when they got to this question but they all chose this as the top answer without a shadow of a doubt.

11. Would you let your daughter date a guy like you?


The winning answer: Yes (shocker)

The answers in favor of 'No' all shared a pattern of still being unsure about what they want vs the 'Yes' men who have an idea of what they want.

12. Is flirting cheating?


The winning answer: Yes

This was another quickly answered question without any doubt.

A few guys expressed that it depends on your intent and it doesn't count if some people think that you're naturally flirty.

13. Biggest regret when it comes to relationships?


Typically, these answers started to dive into some really sad story times but the winning answer was all over the place.

A few unique answers were:

-long distance

-'having my time wasted by women that claim they know what they want but they really don't'

-saying I love you too fast and using it too loosely

-not starting the relationship with a friendship first

This was a lot of fun interviewing different guys about these controversial topics you guys sent in! The February Love Series - All From The Male Perspective has three more article upload to come each week! You can stay updated with the weekly uploads of all the series I will have this year by following my Instagram below! IG: thejaniyawinchester

But @ all the Ladies, how did the guys do?

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