To The Guy That Always Lifts Me Up

To my partner in crime,

I know I don't really do a lot to show I appreciate you and I thought that writing something would be nice.

I met you years and years ago, I think maybe five? It's been such a long time that now I feel like I've known you forever.

When I first actually talked to you, it was for a project sophomore year in high school. I thought I was stuck with a group with three annoying boys. But then you went above and beyond to pick up the others' slack, you helped me calm down when I stressed too much.

That's when you caught my eye.

I was still shy after we met. I remember wanting to talk to you and finally did when we both sat at the same table during lunch. Getting to know you during lunch and band sectionals, you really seemed like a goofball that I could call a friend. I realized that I really enjoyed your company and I wanted you around more often.

Back then, I didn't realize what I had was actually a crush.

Until senior year, we stayed as friends and grew to be close ones. I learned a lot about you and you learned a lot about me. You began to share food or take me out to lunch, I would gossip to my friends about you and how cute you are, and you would sit with me during lunch so I could be your math tutor.

And then you asked me to prom.

I had the time of my life and realized that I wasn't the only bad dancer there. You called me beautiful and danced the night away until it was time to go home and our separate ways. We made it official the next day in Chicago and I didn't know that I getting myself into the best adventure of my life.

You have given me happiness and showed me that I'm worth much more than I thought I was. And yes, we've had rough patches or have to deal with things like long distance during school, but it's made me realize that relationships still work as long as there's communication.

You are my rock and I know I can always go to you when there's something wrong or if I just need a laugh. You made it clear that you support me in my goals. You accept me for who I am, even with all of my craziness that you have to deal with. You've made me incredibly lucky for giving me another light in my life.

Having someone in my life like you is a dream come true. I never thought I would be so blessed. I can't wait for more adventures with you and make awesome memories.

Love, me

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