An Open Letter to My Guy Best Guy Friend
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An Open Letter to My Guy Best Guy Friend

Thank you for everything.

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To the boy that hated me the moment you met me, thank you for giving me a chance.

Thank you for sharing your spot light with me even though you hated to. My life was forever changed the day you walked into the room and rolled your eyes at me. At that moment, I would have never thought in a million years that we would be where we are now. Thankfully, you gave our friendship a shot, and for that, you've completely changed my life.

I don't know how I ever did life without you. Thank you for correcting me when I have bad tastes or ideas. Thank you for never letting me go shopping or to eat alone, for always giving me an excuse to leave home, and for never letting me drive because we both know I'm no good.

Thank you for laughing at my jokes even when they aren't funny. Thank you for reading my posts before I post them and giving me your opinion so I don't make myself look dumb, for always being down to do any of my dumb ideas, and for never allowing anyone to treat me like crap. Thank you for everything you do for me, it'll never go unnoticed.

Our memories together will last a lifetime. We have done it all. We have written a comical song and sung it in front of 300+ people, traveled to 5 states, jammed at concerts, went on more adventures than I can count, worshipped Jesus, stayed up until odd hours of the night having deep conversations, prayed, cried, and laughed so much together.

If we added up all the time we spend together, I can guarantee that 3/4 of it is spent laughing. I wouldn't have it any other way.

You are my person. You know everything about me, but you love me anyway. You know all of my hopes and my dreams, and you encourage me to pursue everyone of them. You have seen all of my flaws. You have saw me at my weakest and strongest moments.

You have been there for me when I felt lonely, and you've been there when I was completely surrounded with everyone I love. You have fought so many battles by my side. You tell me what I deserve, and get mad at me when I allow myself to get less than that. You hold me accountable. You never fail to give me life advice, even though you sometimes have to shove it down my throat.

You are always in my crowd, and I couldn't be more thankful. The support you give me is beyond anything I could ever ask for.

You encourage me. You inspire me. You give me hope.

Your self confidence is inspiring. You love others more than you love yourself. You develop friendships with everyone you meet. You find happiness in even the darkest of times. You laugh when you want to cry. You strive to achieve every goal you set for yourself. You are the best friend that anyone could have, and I'm so happy to call you mine.

You have a heart of gold, and I am so happy to have you in my life. When I say you are my best friend, I mean it with everything I have in me. Thank you for beating the stereotype and being a guy that's a girl's absolute bestfriend. Thank you for listening to me always and never failing to voice your opinion.

You are so loved by me. I will forever be on your side and on your team. You mean the world to me, and I hope that I never let that go unseen. I'll forever be one call away. Thank you for the best 3 years of friendship. I don't want to ever go through life without you again. No one could ever take your place.

Thank you for everything. I love you more than you'll ever know.

Love always,

Your biggest supporter and best friend.

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